Ideas for activities to enjoy the summer around Lake Annecy

Summer around Lake Annecy is a time conducive to discovery and relaxation. Between water activities, mountain hikes and cultural visits, the region is full of ideas to fully enjoy the summer season. Let’s dive together into an overview of the essential activities to experience for moments of escape and pleasure in the heart of an exceptional natural setting.

A princely stay at the Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard

Nothing fuels the imagination more than staying in a castle worthy of a fairy tale. The legendary and majestic Menthon-Saint-Bernard castle overlooks Lake Annecy with its proud stature. Inspiring the dreams of Walt Disney himself, this Savoyard castle offers breathtaking views. Imagine yourself in one of the four sumptuous suites, bathed in the magic of the place, and enjoy a private visit to delve into the history of this incredible residence.

Gourmet moments at the chic tavern at Lisca

There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious meal at the Lisca restaurant, nestled in Duingt, literally with your feet in the lake. With the Tournette as a backdrop and the tempting smells emanating from the lovingly prepared dishes, each meal is transformed into a true feast for the senses. Chef Éloi Spinnler offers an inventive menu that enhances the local products and seasonal, in a zero waste and anti-waste atmosphere. The bucolic view and relaxed atmosphere promise you a unforgettable culinary experience.

Thrill in water skiing with Clémentine Lucine

For adrenaline lovers and nautical sports, head to the Sévrier water ski club! Under the leadership of Clémentine Lucine, world champion, you can indulge in the joys of water skiing, in particular with the “e-baby ski” sessions intended for the youngest. These fun sessions take place aboard a 100% electric boat, a first on this bay normally prohibited for water skiing. This is the ideal activity to familiarize children with this exciting discipline.

Artistic strolls at La Galerie 17

Art lovers will find what they are looking for by exploring La Galerie 17, an exhibition space housed in a glass cube on rue de la Paix. Here, art is exposed to all eyes and is intended to be accessible. You will be able to admire various works from talented local artists. A place for meeting and exchange, the gallery organizes various events around sculpture, painting, music, and even oenology. A sensory and emotional encounter that you won’t want to miss.

Ceramic workshop with Isabelle Lemel

For an original and creative activity, go to Isabelle Lemel’s workshop-boutique in Héry-sur-Alby. Here, you will immerse your hands in clay or stoneware to create your own pieces of tableware: cups, plates, teapots, and more. Under the wise advice of Isabelle, you will enjoy two hours of immersion in the art of ceramic, open to artistic detectives of all ages, from 8 years old.

Each activity around Lake Annecy is a promise of discovery, relaxation and wonder. Whether you are looking for thrills, culinary delights or artistic encounters, this corner of paradise has something to satisfy all your desires.