Rumilly: has the tourist office found the secret to an unforgettable summer season? Discover their winning strategy!


  • Rumilly: the tourist office unveils its winning summer strategy
  • Focus on the activities and entertainment offered to visitors
  • Highlighting local partnerships for an authentic experience
  • Strengthening digital communication to reach a wider audience

At the heart of the summer season, has the Rumilly tourist office managed to concoct an unforgettable strategy to attract visitors? Let’s take a look at the actions put in place by this key player in local tourism to guarantee a memorable summer for those who choose this charming destination.

Team building and diversification of activities

The team ofRumilly Albanian tourist office spares no effort to offer visitors an unforgettable summer season. Recently, this team was strengthened with the arrival of Eugénie Aversenq, communications and events intern, and Amandine Laplace, stay advisor. Their mission is to welcome vacationers seven days a week, thus guaranteeing a continuous presence and a warm welcome.

Strengthened presence on the ground

This year, the tourist office has decided to intensify its presence outside the walls on the main tourist attractions in the area. Beyond the main reception located at Rumilly, travel advisors go directly to tourists. They can be found at the Rumilly leisure center, on the Rumilly market, and on the enchanting site of the Secret Gardens of Vaulx.

Foray into emblematic sites

To go even further, the tourist office teams are particularly present at emblematic sites in the region. These places include:

  • Rumilly leisure center
  • Rumilly market
  • Secret Gardens in Vaulx

This strategic choice not only makes it possible to reach a maximum number of visitors, but also to effectively promote the region’s tourist attractions.

Continuous interaction with visitors

The role of stay advisors, like that of Amandine Laplace, is not limited to simple presence. They are there to continually interact with vacationers, provide them with the necessary information, and help them discover the hidden treasures of Rumilly and its surroundings. This interaction permanent promotes a feeling of closeness and satisfaction among tourists.

Initiatives that bear fruit

Since the implementation of these initiatives, feedback from visitors has been particularly positive. They appreciate the ease with which they can obtain information directly at the locations of their activities. This shows that the strategy of the Rumilly Albanian tourist office is not only innovative but also effective.

In conclusion, the Rumilly tourist office seems to have found the winning formula for a successful summer season. Thanks to a dedicated team and a reinforced presence at tourist sites, they succeed in offering visitors an exceptional and memorable experience.