Why do 3 million French people rush to this country every year? Find out the reasons for this impressive record!

Destination : France
Attractions: Beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage, renowned gastronomy
Way of life : French art of living, rich history and traditions
Accessibility: Ease of transport, diversity of activities offered
Key points : Efficient networks, quality of life, diversity of landscapes

Every year, 3 million French people head en masse to a particular country, sparking unprecedented enthusiasm. But what drives so many travelers to this destination? Discover the reasons for this massive influx and the attractions that tirelessly attract these travelers in search of discovery and escape.

An impressive tourist record

Every year, around 3 million French people choose to go to a specific country for their vacation. This trend is not only surprising but also reveals the growing popularity of this country which is charming more and more French tourists.

Strong economic growth

This country, the Portugal, welcomed 26.5 million foreign tourists last year, marking an increase of 19.2% compared to 2022. This enthusiasm is largely due to the strong economic growth of the country, which recorded an increase of 2.3% in 2023, one of the highest in the European Union.

Cultural and natural attractions

Portugal seduces with its diverse cultural and natural attractions. Visitors can explore historic towns such as Port And Lisbon, famous for their rich architectural and cultural heritage. The wonderful beaches ofAlgarve and the breathtaking landscapes of Madeira and Azores are also major assets for lovers of nature and relaxation.

An attractive cost of living

Portugal offers a relatively low cost of living compared to other popular European destinations. This saving is reflected not only in hotel and restaurant prices, but also in activities and transportation, making staying more affordable for families and groups of friends.

Renowned gastronomy

Portuguese gastronomy is another key factor that attracts tourists. Delicious dishes like the famous Bacalhau (salted cod), Pasteis De Nata (custard tarts) and renowned wines, especially Port wines, provide an unforgettable culinary experience.

Accessibility and infrastructure

Portugal benefits from excellent accessibility thanks to numerous air connections from France and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Transportation services, including car rentals and bus and train networks, make traveling within the country much easier.

Warm welcome and hospitality

Finally, the warm welcome and great hospitality of the Portuguese help to make the visitors’ stay particularly pleasant. The kindness of the locals and their willingness to help tourists add to the attraction of the destination.

What to do in Portugal?

  • Reserve a plane ticket
  • Book a hotel
  • Rent a car to explore the surrounding area
  • Participate in local activities and excursions

Whether you prefer a cultural getaway in Lisbon, a seaside retreat in the Algarve or a nature adventure in the Azores, Portugal offers a diverse range of experiences that explain its immense popularity among French tourists.