Discover the hidden wonders of Alençon during summer guided tours!


  • Discover the hidden wonders ofAlençon during summer guided tours!
  • Explore the city and its secrets with passionate guides.
  • Enjoy a unique and enriching outdoor experience.
  • Dates and times of visits available on the tourist office website.

Welcome to Alençon, a city of little-known treasures just waiting to be revealed! Immerse yourself in the heart of its picturesque streets and its rich heritage during summer guided tours. Let yourself be enchanted by the secrets of this historic city and set off to discover its hidden wonders. An authentic adventure awaits you in Alençon, ready to reveal its unsuspected splendors.

Alençon, a charming and rich city, located in the Orne department, offers a unique blend of historical heritage and picturesque landscapes. If you want to explore this Norman gem this summer, the guided tours are the perfect opportunity to discover its hidden treasures. Jeanne Dupont, editor specializing in the promotion of tourist sites, invites you to let yourself be captivated by the lively and cheerful stories of this little-known city.

The historic jewels of Alençon

The history of Alençon is marked by numerous emblematic events and monuments. Among the must-sees, the famous Notre-Dame basilica, impressive with its Gothic architecture and colorful stained glass windows. Summer guided tours will also allow you to discover the Castle of the Dukes, a majestic witness to the city’s medieval past.

Art and crafts: a Norman tradition

Alençon is known worldwide for its lace, a delicate and refined art which contributed to the reputation of the city. The tours will take you to the heart ofNational Lace Workshop, where you can observe passionate artisans creating and learn more about this centuries-old tradition. In addition, don’t miss the demonstrations and temporary exhibitions that highlight local know-how.

Green and natural spaces

For nature lovers, Alençon has no shortage of surprises. Guided tours offer walks through gardens and lush parks like the Parc des Promenades. These green spaces offer a refreshing break in the heart of the city, an ideal place to escape into nature while remaining close to the center.

Local gastronomy: a culinary journey

A stay in Alençon would not be complete without tasting the local specialties. Guided tours can include gourmet tours that will introduce you to the delights of the region. Among them, tastings of Norman cheeses, cider, as well as tasty traditional dishes.

Practical information for summer guided tours

  • When : Guided tours are offered throughout the summer, with multiple time slots to fit your schedule.
  • Or : Departures are generally made from the Alençon Tourist Office, located in the city center.
  • Duration : Visits last on average two hours, offering a good balance between discoveries and moments of relaxation.
  • Prices : Discounted rates are often available for families, students and seniors.

By following these summer guided tours, you will discover Alençon in a new light, revealing aspects that are often little-known but just as fascinating. Let yourself be seduced by this city full of charm and mysteries, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the company of passionate and expert guides.