What are the 10 essential board games for an unforgettable family summer vacation?


Title : The 10 essential board games for a family summer vacation
Keywords : board games, summer vacation, family

1. Monopoly
2. Uno
3. Dixit
4. Time’s Up
5. Power 4
6. Risk
7. Thousand mile stones
8. Taboo
9. The Werewolf of Thiercelieux
10. Cluedo

Summer is synonymous with family vacations, moments of sharing and conviviality. To enhance these precious moments, there’s nothing like board games to have fun together. Discover here a selection of the 10 essential games to take in your luggage for a memorable family vacation. Let the game begin!

Summer has finally arrived with its share of special family moments. Whether at the beach, in the mountains, at the grandparents’ house or simply at home, board games are an excellent solution to occupy and entertain young and old. Here is a selection of 10 essential board games to make your summer vacation unforgettable.

Help develop their memory

To stimulate the memory of the youngest, vary between Memo Lunch And The Dragons’ Treasure.

Bob has a big appetite, but a memory deficient. In Memo Lunch, children (3 to 6 years old) will have to remember what Bob ate, thus promoting cooperation and collective memory. Bob’s big cardboard mouth is a fun addition to this game, available from July 19.

For children aged 6 and over, The Dragons’ Treasure reinvents the principle of memory by adding complex actions and different characters. Watch out for spiders that end rounds and move around to add an extra challenge!

The little extra: Attractive dragon graphics.

Learn to cooperate

In 3 Minutes Crazy Café, children aged 7 and over will have to organize themselves quickly to fill as many orders as possible in three three-minute rounds. This cooperative game, available from July 26, tests the organizational ability and the cooperation children.

The little extra: Two variations to spice up the rules.

Develop strategies

With Diced Veggies, children from 6 years old will have to concoct small dishes following strict rules to obtain the right ingredients. This game, available from July 26, encourages thinking over several turns and even works on mental arithmetic.

The little extra: Taking dice with a small cardboard chopper.

In Prey Another Day, 8-year-old children will use identical cards to avoid being eaten and bring food home. A little bluff could make all the difference!

The little extra: This game is both strategic and simple to understand.

Follow simple rules

Intended for young children, Little Select will allow them to learn to sort cute animals by color and type, while following simple rules. Available on July 26, this game is perfect for a first approach to the rules of the game.

The little extra: Very durable cards and tokens.

Stimulate imagination and creativity

With Speech, adults aged 8 and over will be able to invent wacky stories or answer absurd questions inspired by cards. This fun and creative game is ideal for playing with family or friends.

The little extra: Three game modes to vary the pleasures.

Use logic

Octopush is a single-player puzzle game for kids ages 6 and up. Move the pieces to an adjacent square, avoiding changing their color. This increasing difficulty game is available from July 19.

The little extra: Can even challenge adults.

Work on deduction

With Flashback Zombie Kidz, budding detectives aged 7 and up will have to repel a zombie attack by reconstructing the story through what the characters see. Three scenarios and an advanced mode will be available to prolong the pleasure.

The little extra: A suite, Flashback: Lucy, is also available.

Express your emotions

In The Color Monster, children will help the monster untangle his emotions with related memories or situations. This game, intended for children aged 4 and over, helps them identify and correctly express their emotions.

The little extra: Cute illustrations inspired by children’s drawings.