Tips for financing the purchase of a used motorhome

Ah, the campervan… Symbol of freedom, escape and adventure on the roads! But how can you make the dream of purchasing a used motorhome come true without breaking the bank? Don’t panic, there are financial tips to help you carry out this project that is so important to you. Follow the guide and discover practical advice for financing the purchase of your used motorhome with complete peace of mind.

Exploring Financing Options

It’s decided, you are going to acquire the used motorhome of your dreams! But how to finance this purchase? Several options are available to you. Here are some tips to help you choose the funding method which suits you best.

The Essential Bank Credit

The most common method remains classic bank credit. By contacting your bank or a credit institution, you can obtain a loan suitable for the acquisition of your vehicle. Be sure to compare interest rates and repayment terms. For example, Macif offers credits at rates fixed for periods varying from 30 to 100 months for a used vehicle.

Take advantage of the Credits Offered by the Concessions

By going through a professional seller, you have access to assigned credit, offered by the concessions. These credits are often accompanied by advantages such as first postponed deadline and broad flexibility in repayment terms, sometimes up to 180 months. In addition, certain concessions collaborate with financial organizations such as Cetelem or Cofinoga to offer you the best conditions.

Opt for Credit Between Individuals

With the rise of the collaborative economy, the credit between individuals becomes an attractive option. Platforms like Younited Credit connect individuals wishing to lend money. Advantages ? A rapid response, often within 24 hours, rates negotiated and a better accessibility for those who are not eligible for a traditional bank loan.

Finance Through Rental

What if your new motorhome could pay for itself? There rental between individuals is a great way to make your purchase profitable. Rent it via specialized platforms like Wikicampers and earn up to €3,000 per year for just 5 weeks of rental. This will help you reduce your monthly payments and quickly amortize your investment.

Insurance: An Essential Plus

When taking out a loan, do not neglect the insurance. Job loss or death and disability insurance can be valuable in preparing for the unexpected. Also, it is recommended to have a starting contribution of around 25% of the amount of your vehicle to obtain more affordable monthly payments.

Use Online Tools

Do not hesitate to use online platforms to find out about the prices of used motorhomes and the different financing offers. Services like Wikicampers offer more than 500 ads for used vehicles, as well as tools to estimate the rental potential of your future campervan.

These tips will help you choose the best financing option to embark on your motorhome adventure. Take the time to compare the different proposals and consult the opinions of other users to make an informed choice. Have a good trip !