The infamous Southern airport that has been ranked among the worst in the United States

Enter the tumultuous world of the Southern Airport, a place that has unfortunately acquired a less than stellar reputation within the United States. Get a behind-the-scenes look at this world-ranked worst airport, where every traveler faces unexpected challenges. Dive into the intrigues and twists and turns that make this airport an essential topic of discussion.

Here’s an accolade no one wants to receive: being named one of America’s worst airports. However, it is exactly this unenviable title that the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). This air traffic giant, the second largest airport in the United States, is infamous for its many complications that make traveling more stressful than necessary.

A hub always crowded

DFW is perpetually busy, which adds to travelers’ frustration. As the third busiest airport busy in the world, it experiences busy periods which do not make things easy, especially on peak days. In 2022, a survey conducted by Upgraded Points found that 14% of respondents had specific complaints about this airport.

Aging facilities

Another major point of dissatisfaction concerns the facilities themselves. Critics focus on the overwhelming size and advanced age of the airport. A DFW resident said: “The terminal layouts are too spread out with often no ability to walk between them… The parking garages are an old design with no elevators or escalators, except at Terminal D… At the Except for Terminal D, the entire airport is very date, inefficient and does not meet the standards of airports in more sophisticated parts of the world.”

The bad reputation of flight disruptions

If you are one of the many travelers using DFW as a stopping point correspondence, prepare for the possibility of flight interruptions. According to a 2024 study by AirHelp, DFW is the worst airport for departures due to more than 45% flight disruption. Figures from the Bureau of Transportation Services reveal damning statistics: in 18 months, there were 66,105 flight delays, with an average of nearly 90 minutes of delay.

The reasons for the numerous delays

But why is this airport so plagued by delays? Although not specific to DFW, frequent increases in severe weather worsen the situation. In May 2024, for example, a series of storms caused hundreds of delays, adding to the airport’s poor reputation.

Here are some factors contributing to delays:

  • Frequent and severe thunderstorms
  • The need to get personnel in safely during lightning strikes
  • Aging infrastructure that is difficult to modernize quickly

With an average of 46 stormy days per year according to data from the National Weather Service, delays are almost inevitable, especially from March to August.

Weather and other natural phenomena are often used to explain disruptions, but it’s clear that structural and organizational improvements could also help reduce these hassles for travelers.