How to enjoy tourism despite the Olympics, the elections and the unpredictable weather?


  • Tourism : despite the Olympics, the elections and the unpredictable weather
  • Choose destinations less impacted by major events
  • Plan your vacation outside of the busiest periods
  • Learn about weather forecasts and adapt accordingly
  • Explore alternative activities in case of bad weather

Summer is synonymous with vacations and tourism, but this year the Olympic Games, elections and unstable weather can disrupt our plans. Don’t panic, tips and advice are there to help you fully enjoy your getaways, despite these disruptive elements.

Anticipate the unexpected

It is essential to prepare your trip well to avoid the inconvenience linked to disruptive events. During periods of Olympic Games (Olympics), finding out about the competition locations and the timetables of the events can save you a lot of traffic problems. As to elections, they may lead to demonstrations and temporary closures. Plan your visits outside of election days for greater peace of mind.

Choose the right periods

Avoiding busy periods is a foolproof tip to fully enjoy your stay. Opt for less busy seasons like early fall or late spring. These periods also offer you better weather conditions, far from the vagaries of summer or winter.

Opt for lesser-known destinations

In these times of difficult traffic and large crowds, favoring less touristy destinations can offer you a great escape. Many French towns and villages are full of hidden treasures. Set off to explore the countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Flexibility and last minute reservations

In times of political and weather uncertainty, flexibility is your best friend. Taking a more spontaneous approach by booking at the last minute can be wise, especially when the weather decides to be unpredictable. Staying open to program changes will allow you to adapt quickly to any situation.

Use online apps and services

Modern technologies offer various tools to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Use transportation apps to avoid traffic jams and websites to book your activities in real time. Alternatives like car sharing services or local transportation can also be very useful.

Find out more from the locals

Locals often have the best tips for navigating their city during times of chaos. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice on the paths to take or the activities to favor. This interaction will also enrich your travel experience.

Plan flexible itineraries

Of the rigid routes can become a real nightmare in the event of disruptions. Prepare several plans B for your visits and activities. If a destination is inaccessible, you will always have an alternative at hand.

Choosing the right accommodation

The choice of accommodation is crucial to maximize your comfort. Choose accommodation close to the centers of interest you want to visit. THE hotels Well served by public transport can also save you valuable time.

Tourism off the beaten track

During the Olympics or electoral periods, emblematic places are taken by storm. Instead, explore lesser-known but equally fascinating sites. For example, discover hiking trails, natural parks or even local museums.