How to spend a week’s vacation in the sun in Spain for less than 580 euros per person?


  • Choose low-cost flights to Spain.
  • Opt for accommodation in a youth hostel or campsite.
  • Prioritize meals in affordable local restaurants.
  • Take advantage of the public and free beaches to relax.
  • Discover cultural and historical sites using public transport.
  • Book leisure activities in advance to benefit from reduced rates.

Want to enjoy a week of sunny vacation in Spain without breaking the bank? Find out how to organize a low-budget stay for less than 580 euros per person. Follow our tips for an economical and unforgettable vacation under the Spanish sun.

Find All Inclusive Offers

One of the best ways to enjoy sun holidays in Spain without spending a fortune is to choose a formula all inclusive. Sites like Cdiscount Voyages offer complete packages including flight, hotel and catering from 570 euros per person. You will not have to worry about your food budget during your stay.

Opt for hotels located on the Costa Dorada, a region known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. Among the recommended establishments, the Club Framissima Best Negresco is an ideal choice thanks to its numerous amenities and its breathtaking sea view.

Choosing the Ideal Destination

There Costa Dorada is a great destination for budget holidays in Spain. Located just three hours from the French border, this region offers many activities suitable for all ages. You can enjoy magnificent beaches, nature parks and theme parks for the whole family.

Cities like Salou And Tarragona allow you to combine relaxation and cultural discoveries. While staying in this area, you can visit places that inspired famous artists such as Picasso, Gaudi, Miro and Casals.

Use Online Booking Sites

To maximize your savings, it is advisable to compare offers from various online booking sites such as These platforms allow you to find accommodation suitable for all budgets, as well as discover exclusive promotions that could significantly reduce your costs.

Free and Economical Activities

Another tip for spending a low-budget week’s vacation in Spain is to plan free or low-cost activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Enjoy the magnificent beaches and swimming.
  • Explore natural parks and go hiking.
  • Visit the many authentic villages and their local markets.
  • Discover historical and cultural sites, often at a lower cost.

Reduce Transportation Costs

The cost of transportation can be significant, but there are several ways to minimize it. When booking your flights, choose to go during the week rather than at the weekend, as prices are generally lower. Additionally, remember to book your tickets several months in advance to benefit from the best prices.

Once there, choose public transport or carpooling, which are economical options for getting around. Many Spanish cities have efficient and affordable bus and train networks.

Book your Activities in Advance

Booking your activities before your departure can also save you money. Many tourist attractions offer discounts for bookings made online in advance. This often includes entry to theme parks, museums and historical sites.

Enjoy Local Meals

To avoid blowing your food budget, taste local dishes in small restaurants, markets and tapas bars. Traditional Spanish meals are often affordable and will allow you to sample local cuisine while staying within your budget.

By following these tips, it is entirely possible to spend a week’s vacation in Spain for less than 580 euros per person. Good holidays !