Discover the tropical wonderland of the Constance Halaveli hotel in the Maldives

In the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean hides a jewel of luxury and exoticism: the Constance Halaveli hotel in the Maldives. Between white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons, this exceptional establishment offers a unique experience combining absolute comfort and natural beauty. Let yourself be enchanted by the tropical enchantment of this magical place, where refinement combines with the splendor of the landscapes for an unforgettable trip.

THE Constance Halaveli is much more than just a luxury hotel located in the Maldives, it is a true oasis of tropical paradise. Nestled on a preserved island in the North Ari lagoon, this jewel of the prestigious “Leading Hotels of The World” label promises you a unique escape where every detail is thought of for your well-being.

An idyllic setting between land and sea

After a twenty-minute seaplane flight from Male International Airport, the charm begins immediately. On arrival, traditional dhonis patiently await guests, while majestic overwater villas are revealed, painting a picture of a true
Heaven on Earth. From your first steps on the North Ari atoll, several temptations are available to you: diving in the crystal lagoon, a swim in the sumptuous swimming pool, or even a stroll to discover the lush vegetation.

Tailor-made experiences

At Constance Halaveli, the emphasis is on personalized holidays. Your stay begins with a multitude of refined touches that can be prepared well in advance. Whether you want to choose your own room fragrance, your essential bath oils, or even personalized decoration in your villa, all your desires will be met for the most enjoyable experience.

A spa on stilts for absolute relaxation

The superb overwater spa is the beating heart of the Constance Halaveli. In collaboration with the prestigious Sisley label, a wide range of massages, body and facial treatments is offered to you. Before your arrival, you will be contacted to organize your training program. well-being, thus guaranteeing perfect bodily and mental harmony. A complete program including guided meditation sessions, sand yoga, gym, tennis and aquagym, not to mention personalized menus, will be offered to you.

Refined and unique accommodation

Luxury lovers have the choice between villas on stilts or nestled in greenery. Each offers a framework idyllic with a private swimming pool. The villas on the beach, surrounded by lush vegetation, promise absolute privacy, while those on the sea offer breathtaking views of the ocean and a window opening onto a natural aquarium where multicolored fish and rays move gracefully.

Unforgettable aquatic activities

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Excursions around deserted sandbanks

The North Ari Atoll is renowned for its spectacular diving spots. Diving around a secluded sandbar just ten minutes by boat from the hotel is an experience
unforgettable. With a diving guide, you can explore these seabeds rich in aquatic life where turtles, rays and even harmless sharks coexist in perfect harmony.

A commitment to the environment

THE Constance Halaveli and its teams scrupulously ensure respect for the environment. The lagoon is cleaned every morning to ensure a clean and healthy habitat for the many marine species that live there. This strong commitment to nature is reflected in every aspect of your stay, allowing you to enjoy this heavenly setting while respecting the biodiversity of the Maldives.

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Price from €638 per night for 2 people in a water villa, breakfast and dinner included.

Photo credits: Constance Hotels & Resorts