The Olympics are approaching: does Paris really have a tourist office?

Subject : The Olympics are approaching: does Paris really have a tourist office?
Content : – Update on the organization of tourism in Paris
– Existence of the Paris Tourist Office
– Missions and services offered by the Office
– Impact of the Olympics on Parisian tourism

As the Olympic Games approach, a question persists: does Paris have a tourist office that matches its prestigious ambitions? Discover in this article the importance of this essential organization for the promotion and reception of visitors to the French capital.

While the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (JOP) in Paris are fast approaching, the French capital is preparing to welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world. However, one question remains: where is theTOURIST OFFICE from Paris ? This question becomes increasingly relevant as the new location of this important information point remains difficult to locate for many tourists.

A controversial move

Moved in April, the Paris tourist office left its historic location on rue de Rivoli to settle in the 15th arrondissement, quai Jacques-Chirac. This choice located near the Bir-Hakeim metro and the Eiffel Tower, may seem strategic, but it is far from unanimous.

The complaints concern in particular the difficulty in identifying this new location. The building itself is hardly recognizable, without much signage indicating that it is the tourist office of the world’s leading tourist destination. Visitors often have to play detective to find the way.

Online visibility issues

To add to the confusion, a search on search engines like Google is not very fruitful. The term “tourist office” still mainly refers to the old address of rue de Rivoli, and on Google Maps, the request is not better served. The new office is listed under “Paris Je t’aime”, an official name but unknown to the general public.

A disappointing welcome on site

Once the building is located, the experience does not always improve. Inside, visitors find a small exhibition on urban sports called “Spot 24”, a café and a souvenir shop, but space dedicated to tourist advice is limited. A single counselor occupies a small silver counter in a windowless lobby, with very little documentation available and background music coming from the cafeteria.

Expectations vs Reality

In one afternoon, few visitors manage to find their way to the right counter. Corinne Menegaux, director of the tourist office, recognizes the present challenges: “It’s a place that is still difficult to make exist, which must find its feet. We opened late, and not at the best time. We need to time for it to be identified, especially since the Jacques-Chirac quay is not very well known,” she says.

She adds that online SEO issues are being resolved, although moving slowly. “It’s a little complicated with our friends at Google, but we’re on it.”

Waiting for the Olympics

With the Olympic Games in its sights, it is imperative for the capital to make its TOURIST OFFICE more visible and accessible for tourists. Here are some recommendations for visitors who want to navigate through Paris:

  • Use navigation apps to find Quai Jacques-Chirac near the Eiffel Tower.
  • Take metro line 6 to Bir-Hakeim station.
  • Check the information on the official “Paris Je t’aime” website.

Paris must also ensure that its digital markers are quickly improved to avoid any confusion. Facilitating visitor orientation is a sine qua non condition for the success of the long-awaited and promising 2024 Olympic Games.