Discover 14 must-see places to visit around Concarneau

The charming town of Quimper, located near Concarneau, offers a unique atmosphere in its historic center. You can stroll along the picturesque quays of the Odet, admire the magnificent Saint-Corentin Cathedral and visit the Earthenware Museum. Between history and varied activities, Quimper is an essential stopover during your visit to the Concarneau area.

Marvel at Pont-Aven

Pont-Aven is a charming village to discover near Concarneau. You will be seduced by its stone houses, its charming streets and its picturesque little bridges which span the Aven. This village has inspired many artists, including Gauguin. Strolling along the quays, enjoying the surrounding nature and exploring the local art galleries are some of the must-do activities in Pont-Aven.

Walking around Lorient

Located near Concarneau, Lorient is mainly known for its large port and its maritime past. A visit to the submarine base is a must, as is the Cité de la voile Eric Tabarly. Don’t hesitate to take the boat to go to the island of Groix, which is also one of Lorient’s attractions. A busy day awaits you in this city full of surprises.

Escape to Pointe de Trévignon

Direction Trégunc, more precisely Pointe de Trévignon, for a getaway surrounded by nature. You will be amazed by the magnificent coastal landscapes, the white sandy beaches and the ponds sheltering many birds. Don’t miss a visit to the town’s old castle, fort and pretty lighthouse. Pointe de Trévignon is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Visit the City of Character of Locronan

Labeled “Small City of Character”, Locronan is an old stone village with flowery charms. Bordered by the sea, it offers an authentic glimpse of Brittany. Stroll through its picturesque streets, admire the traditional stone houses and soak up the charming atmosphere of this little corner of paradise.

Walking around Quimperlé

Located halfway between an impressive city and Breton charm, Quimperlé is a stop not to be missed during your visit to the Concarneau area. A visit to the Sainte-Croix abbey church and the Maison des Archers is a must. Don’t miss the Lovignon bridge either, ideal for declarations of love during a romantic weekend.

Hiking in the Armorique Regional Natural Park

The Armorique Regional Natural Park, renowned for its granite stone landscapes, is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Among the many hikes to do, the Tour du Cap de la Chèvre is particularly popular. With 136 breathtaking routes, you will not be disappointed with your visit to this exceptional natural park.

Stroll along the cottages of Kerascoët and Kercanic

Head for the thatched cottages of Kerascoët and Kercanic to discover traditional Breton housing. Thatched or slate roofs top charming stone houses. This walk will transport you into a world of legends and mystical tales, echoing the rich Breton tradition.

Enjoy the beaches of Fouesnant

Fouesnant is a paradise for families looking for beautiful beaches when visiting the Concarneau area. Kermil beach, Kerleven beach and Cap Coz beach are among the most beautiful beaches in the region. Also be sure to visit La Forêt-Fouesnant, an adorable coastal town nearby.

Admire the fishing port of Port-Louis

A short stroll is essential in Port-Louis, in Morbihan. You can visit its citadel, which houses a fascinating museum on the epic history of the East India Company. This medieval town will immerse you in a unique historical atmosphere, between land and sea.

Discover the Penmarc’h lighthouse

In Penmarc’h, three lighthouses can be admired: the Eckmühl lighthouse, the old lighthouse and the light tower of the St-Pierre chapel. If the Eckmühl lighthouse is still active, the old lighthouse today houses the Maritime Discovery Center. These three monuments retrace the fascinating history of Penmarc’h and its maritime past.

Stroll between city and nature in Châteauneuf-du-Faou

Châteauneuf-du-Faou, with its majestic sanctuary of Notre-Dame-des-Portes, offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley. This emblematic place in Center-Finistère combines a warm welcome and magnificent landscape. An essential stopover for heritage and nature lovers during their visit to the Concarneau area.

Visit the Domaine de Trévarez

The Château de Trévarez, nestled in an extensive park of 85 hectares, is a jewel not to be missed during your visit to the surroundings of Concarneau. This magnificent castle, labeled “Heritage of the 20th century”, offers an exciting visit through its architecture and history. A walk in these French gardens is also recommended.

Escape to Pointe de Mousterlin

La Pointe de Mousterlin offers a wild and isolated setting, ideal for a getaway surrounded by nature. Kilometers of white sand await you for a walk by the sea. Take advantage of this true end of the world to escape and recharge your batteries during your stay in Concarneau.

The Breton region is full of treasures to discover in all its departments. Whether you are a lover of nature, history or traditions, the surroundings of Concarneau have great surprises in store for you. Take the time to explore these 14 must-see places for a unique experience during your visit to Brittany.