Replacement of the green card by the FVA: what changes for motorists

Ah, the sweet memory of the little green card 🌿 attached to the windshield of our car! Since 1986, it has symbolized our right to drive legally on the roads. But, hold on, from April 1, 2024, this little butterfly will take its final flight to give way to a small technological revolution: the FVA or Insured Vehicle File. 😉

Goodbye small card, hello technology!

It’s official: the green sticker on the windshield will no longer be necessary. Indeed, the green card system will be replaced by the Insured Vehicle File (FVA). This automated file, accessible in real time by the authorities, simplifies the lives of all motorists by certifying their insurance coverage via their license plate.

The main changes with the FVA

  • No physical proof to present: The police will directly check whether your vehicle is insured using your registration.
  • Real-time update: Insurance companies must report any contract changes in the FVA within 72 hours.
  • Protection against fraud: This reduces the risk of fraud since non-updated stickers will no longer be able to incorrectly indicate that a vehicle is insured.
  • Saving paper: Goodbye to old printed models, make way for complete dematerialization, which contributes to our ecological responsibility. 🌍

Some precautions to take

Despite all its advantages, switching to FVA requires taking some initial precautions:

  • Check that your vehicle is registered in the FVA from March 12, 2024.
  • Ensure everything is in order during the transition period, and use the Insured Vehicle Memo for the first 15 days after a new registration or update.
  • Please note, if you travel abroad to certain countries such as Morocco or Turkey, make sure you have the required documents because the FVA is not yet recognized everywhere.

The change may seem big, but it is mainly there to simplify our lives while ensuring our safety. With the FVA, saying goodbye to this little green sticker becomes a small step for humans, but a big leap for the management of automobile insurance! 🚗💨