Discover the history of Thermarest hiking mattresses, made in Ireland for almost 40 years!

Thermarest is an iconic brand in the field of outdoor equipment, and more particularly hiking mattresses. It all started almost 40 years ago, when Thermarest founders John Burroughs, Jim Lea and Neil Anderson had the revolutionary idea of ​​giving nature lovers a better night’s sleep outdoors.

At the time, camping mattresses were thin and uncomfortable, but these visionaries saw the potential of a more efficient and technical product. Armed with a simple garden mat, they created the first prototypes of Thermarest mattresses in 1972, marking the start of a revolution in the world of camping and hiking.

International expansion: arrival on the European market

After winning the hearts of adventurers in the United States, demand for Thermarest mattresses began to grow beyond borders. Founder John Burroughs seized this opportunity and decided to expand the production of his mattresses in Ireland to conquer the European market.

In 1985, after extensive research, Burroughs discovered the ideal location for this expansion in Midleton, a small, picturesque town in Ireland. He found a former closed wool mill, providing the space needed to produce international quality Thermarest mattresses.

Quality and innovation at the heart of manufacturing

Today, the Cascade Designs factory in Ireland is the heart of Thermarest hiking mattress manufacturing. It is home to a team of 100 dedicated employees who produce nearly 200,000 mattresses each year.

Quality is at the heart of the Thermarest mattress manufacturing process. Each mattress undergoes rigorous quality control, including water immersion testing, pressure storage and manual checks to ensure no air loss. Additionally, Thermarest offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects, as well as repair service in every country where its products are sold.

A trusted brand for adventurers everywhere

For nearly 40 years, Thermarest has embodied excellence and innovation in the field of outdoor equipment. Backpacking mattresses carefully manufactured in Ireland are renowned for their comfort and durability.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or an occasional camper, you can trust Thermarest to give you an unparalleled night’s sleep under the stars. Through their commitment to quality and innovation, Thermarest mattresses continue to redefine the standards of comfort for adventurers everywhere.

So, what are you waiting for to go on an adventure with a Thermarest hiking mattress?