The artist Teresa Lanceta exhibits her works at the Museum of Modern Art in Céret

The Céret Museum of Modern Art presents until June 2 the exhibition “Teresa Lanceta, the woven memory”, the first French monograph dedicated to one of the most important contemporary Spanish artists. This exhibition highlights the artist’s commitment to the recognition of the collective and universal values ​​of weaving and sewing.

Located near Perpignan, the Céret Museum of Modern Art bears witness to the exceptional artistic history of this city. Thanks to figures such as Braque and Picasso, Céret became a true “Mecca of Cubism”, attracting renowned artists like Masson, Soutine and Chagall. This artistic tradition continues today with the exhibition of Teresa Lanceta, whose work was awarded the National Prize for Plastic Arts in Spain.

Teresa Lanceta, an artist recognized for her textile works

The exhibition presents 70 works by Teresa Lanceta, which are admired like paintings. These immense weavings evoke, through repetitive and geometric shapes, gypsy traditions, the electric sky of Seville or even the bright colors of flamenco. There are also symbols of Paul Klee and the modernist style of Mondrian. Teresa Lanceta, born in Barcelona in 1951, quickly adopted weaving as her main means of expression, complementing her work with painting, drawing, ceramics, video and writing. His artistic universe navigates between abstraction and figuration, transmitting to us both individual and collective memories.

Know-how inherited from gypsy and Moroccan communities

Teresa Lanceta occupies a unique place in the history of weaving in art. His work connects art and life, abolishing the boundaries between the so-called minor and major arts. She also highlights the know-how of the Gypsy and Moroccan communities, from whom she learned certain techniques and varieties of patterns. This exhibition offers a vast panorama of his creations from the 1980s to the present day, testifying to his social, political and ecological commitment. It is a superb testimony to the richness and diversity of contemporary art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the fascinating works of Teresa Lanceta at the Céret Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition “Teresa Lanceta, woven memory” is open to the public until June 2. A unique artistic experience that will transport you through cultures and emotions.