Discover the Great Outdoors: Luxury, Comfort and Nature with the Rivages Collection

Want to escape in harmony with nature without sacrificing comfort? The Rivages Collection opens the doors to a world where luxury and breathtaking landscapes blend perfectly. Discover how these unique destinations promise an invigorating outdoor vacation with all the amenities of an upscale stay. Get ready to breathe fresh air and create unforgettable memories in the most beautiful shores in the world!

Discover the jewels of the Rivages Collection

Ah, the call of nature and the sweet song of the holidays! If combining family adventure and the comfort of superior accommodation interests you, prepare to be charmed by the Rivages Collection. Specializing in outdoor hotels but with a luxurious touch, this initiative highlights exceptional sites where nature reigns supreme.

Accommodations that celebrate the outdoors

Imagine wooden cabins nestled between sand dunes, or lodges set on the edge of majestic forests. Each establishment in the Rivages Collection is designed to integrate harmoniously into its environment, minimizing the impact on local biodiversity and optimizing outdoor experiences. Whether facing the ocean, on the banks of a winding river or in the heart of a lush forest, a change of scenery is guaranteed.

Activities for adventurers of all ages

With Collection Rivages, say goodbye to boredom! Each destination offers a range of outdoor activities for the whole family. Imagine your days punctuated by bike rides, guided hikes, sunrise yoga sessions or even kayak excursions. For little ones, children’s clubs offer educational games and adventures adapted to their age, under the supervision of qualified activity leaders.

Comfort and eco-responsibility: a winning duo

Choosing Collection Rivages also means opting for an eco-responsible stay without compromising comfort. Accommodations are equipped with modern conveniences while using sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies. You can relax in beautifully decorated spaces and enjoy services such as quality restaurants, heated swimming pools and relaxing spas, all knowing that your stay contributes to protecting the environment.

Breathtaking sites

  • The Lighthouse on Île de Ré: Located between the ocean and salt marshes, this site offers an immersive experience in a traditional maritime setting.
  • Banks of Arc in Ardèche: Ideal for lovers of aquatic adventures, this site allows you to enjoy the clear waters of the Ardèche river.
  • Salt pans on the Giens peninsula: A paradise for sea lovers, with direct access to fine sandy beaches and proximity to the Golden Islands.

Choosing a stay with Collection Rivages means opting for a vacation where adventure, nature and comfort come together to create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re looking for tranquility or energizing activities, these destinations offer the best of both worlds. Prepare to immerse your senses in natural beauty while enjoying a comfortable and responsible stay.