Venturing into the Wilderness of Madeira: A Journey Through the Island’s Breathtaking Natural Wonders

Welcome to the island of Madeira, a true natural paradise with breathtaking wild landscapes. Come explore with us the raw and preserved beauty of its natural sites, true treasures of the Atlantic. Prepare for total immersion in the heart of the island splendor of Madeira!

The Gardens of Eden of Madeira

Madeira, nicknamed theflower island, welcomes you with lush landscapes which seem straight out of a dream. Here, the vegetation takes on a Mediterranean look while making incursions towards the tropics. You will find fields of vines and mountain slopes dotted with amazing flowers like purses of paradise, agapanthus, aloe and orchids, ensuring continuous flowering.

Rich and Protected Biodiversity

With its geological diversity, Madeira attracts nature and outdoor enthusiasts with its natural parks And natural reserves. THE Madeira Natural Park covers almost two thirds of the island, and its laurel forests, dating from 15 to 40 million years ago, form a unique ecosystem classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk under the tilos and laurels, where ferns, moss and lichens cover the ground, creating a refuge for endemic flora and fauna.

The Charms of the Gardens of Funchal

The capital, Funchal, hosts tropical gardens splendid, such as the Monte Palace, where endemic plants mingle harmoniously with lakes, fountains and stone statues. Santa Catarina Park, bordered by the sea, is a true green oasis with its pond and exotic flower beds.

The Laurissilva Trails

Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by exploring the laurel forest trails, often accompanied by levadas, these irrigation canals that wind through the landscape. These canals, dug from the 16th century onwards, provide a soothing spectacle of gently flowing water as you navigate these paths shaded by dense vegetation.

Breathtaking Mountains and Views

The volcanic heart of Madeira manifests itself through its majestic peaks such as Pico Ruivo, the highest point of the island at 1,862 meters, or Pico das Torres and Pico do Arieiro. These mountains offer spectacular panoramas, where the gaze plunges into green valleys or extends to the ocean on clear days.

Coastal Natural Swimming Pools

Along the coastlines, natural swimming pools form between volcanic rocks, bringing a unique swimming experience. Porto Moniz, with its well-equipped infrastructure, allows you to swim safely in the ocean water, sheltered from breaking waves. For a more picturesque atmosphere, the Cachalote swimming pools preserve the natural beauty of the site.

Briefing table

Theme Content
🌺 The Gardens of Eden The lush vegetation and continuous flowering of Madeira.
🌿 Protected biodiversity The natural parks and the floral and faunal diversity of the island.
🏞️ Gardens of Funchal Monte Palace and Santa Catarina Park, havens of peace in the city.
🚶‍♂️ Laurissilva Trails Discover shady hikes and historic levadas.
⛰️ Madeira Peaks The volcanic mountains and their spectacular views.
🏊 Natural Swimming Pools Unique swim between the volcanic rocks of Porto Moniz and Cachalote.