Unveiling the Charm: Two Underrated English Locations Now Rising in Popularity

Discover two hidden gems of England that are becoming more and more popular! These secret and yet exceptional destinations are attracting more and more travelers in search of authenticity.

The Bath and Bristol Renaissance

About 20 kilometers apart, Bath and Bristol, two previously little-known English cities, are now attracting the attention of travelers from around the world. Thanks to the popularity of television series like The Bridgerton Chronicles And Downton Abbey, these destinations are experiencing growing popularity. But it is not only the magic of the small screen that propels these places to the forefront of the tourist scene.

Bath, a Historical and Cultural Jewel

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is famous for its Roman baths and cobbled streets lined with honey-colored stone buildings. The city has inspired people for centuries, including Jane Austen, who made it her home for several years. A walk through Bath is like stepping into a historical novel, with a palpable romantic atmosphere around every corner.

Bath is best explored on foot, offering visitors an immersive experience. Must-sees include:

  • Roman baths
  • Bath Abbey
  • The Royal Crescent

The city is not only a treasure trove for history buffs, but it is also well connected in terms of transportation, making it an accessible and enjoyable destination to explore.

Bristol, Capital of Street Art and Urban Dynamics

Less known than its neighbor, Bristol is gradually making a name for itself thanks to its vibrant artistic scene and its urban energy. The city is famous for its lively port, its street art frescoes – notably those of the famous Banksy – and the Clifton suspension bridge. Every year, Bristol hosts Upfest, the largest street art festival in Europe, attracting artists from all over the world.

Bristol is also home to several events and attractions:

  • Bristol International Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
  • The picturesque neighborhood of Clifton

The city offers excellent value for money with many emerging restaurants and accommodation to suit all budgets.

The Booming Tourist Economy

Both cities are benefiting from a significant increase in the number of tourists, particularly French. According to Caroline Moreau, Europe – Africa activity director for the travel agency Voyageurs du Monde, requests increased by a third between April and September 2023. This dynamic is maintained by their proximity to other popular regions such as the Cornwall, Devon, the Cotswolds and Wales.

Visits to Bath and Bristol can be easily made by train from London (1h40 to 2h journey) or by plane, with direct connections to several major French cities.

For All Types of Travelers

Whether you’re a culture vulture, history buff or urban adventurer, Bath and Bristol have something for you. The average basket for two nights in these destinations varies between 400 and 1500 euros, depending on the accommodation and activities chosen, making these cities accessible to all types of budgets.

It is recommended to spend at least three nights in Bath to fully explore the city and its surroundings, and two nights in Bristol to soak up its unique and dynamic atmosphere. These stays will allow the curious to discover these hidden treasures of England and to marvel at them.