Uncrowded Haven: Discovering Summer Vacation Spots Off the Beaten Path

Welcome to the world of travelers in search of tranquility and authenticity! Are you dreaming of a summer vacation far from the tourist hustle and bustle? Discover little-known destinations that will offer you calm and serenity. Follow us on a journey off the beaten track and explore unspoiled places where nature and culture combine in harmony. Let’s go together to discover these still secret nuggets that will satisfy your desire to escape!

Escape to France this summer

Ah, France… this country is full of discoveries, but have you ever thought about exploring its less frequented corners? Avoid the crowds by heading to these unspoilt regions, perfect for a peaceful vacation.

The green charm of the Morvan

For those who like to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors, the Morvan is a destination of choice. This regional natural park offers landscapes of forests, lakes and gentle hills, ideal for mountain biking or hiking. Far from the beaten track, you will discover a soothing atmosphere, specific to lovers of big spaces.

The serenity of the Creuse

Creuse, located in heart of France, is a true green setting. Here, the winding valleys and picturesque villages such as Aubusson, famous for its tapestries, or Crozant, sublimated by impressionist painters, offer a peaceful setting to escape. Little visited, this region invites you to relax and explore its rich natural and cultural heritage.

The Vosges, a breath of fresh air

For a total disconnection, direction the Vosges. Between mountains, immense forests and thermal waters, this region is a real playground for lovers of hiking and outdoor activities. Be careful, you risk falling in love with Lac des Truites and its breathtaking panoramas!

European discoveries off the beaten track

If you prefer to broaden your horizons, Europe is full of less crowded summer destinations where you can enjoy your vacation away from the tourist crush.

The captivating Finland

Summer in Finland is a unique experience, where the days are long and sometimes endless thanks to the midnight Sun. Here, the vast forests, countless crystal clear lakes and national parks will appeal to nature lovers. And to add a touch of culture, Helsinki and Turku will offer their share of festivals and open-air markets.

Bulgaria, a little-known treasure

Bulgaria is still not popular with vacationers, however, this Balkan country is worth the detour. Whether it is the Black Sea beaches, the mountain ranges of the South or the rich history of Sofia, you are guaranteed to live an authentic and captivating experience, far from the tourist hustle and bustle.

Slovenia, a green setting

In Slovenia, green tourism is king. This small country, still preserved from mass tourism, is ideal for a vacation in the heart of nature. Don’t miss Ljubljana, the Green Capital of Europe in 2016, and the forests and splendid landscapes that cover much of the territory.

Adventures around the world

Let’s go even further to discover destinations that offer you real summer escapes.

The magical island of Madagascar

If you dream of a total change of scenery, Madagascar is the ideal place. With its natural parks, its dream beaches and its incredible biodiversity, the island invites you to discover a preserved wild environment. Opt for stays focused on sustainable tourism to make the most of this wonder of the Indian Ocean.

Mongolia, the call of the steppe

Looking for adventure? Mongolia awaits you with its immense steppes, its yurts and the Gobi desert. This country is perfect for those looking for an authentic experience far from the crowds, with breathtaking landscapes and still well-established traditions.

Cape Verde, an archipelago of contrasts

Get off the beaten track by choosing Cape Verde. Composed of ten islands with varied landscapes, this archipelago is perfect for active or simply relaxing holidays. Surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving or fishing, there is no shortage of activities to satisfy all your desires to escape.