The Auvergne volcanoes: a history still erupting

A Unique Volcanic Playground in Europe

Auvergne, located in the heart of the Massif Central in France, is an ideal playground for all those passionate about natural phenomena and breathtaking landscapes. Known for its volcanic mountain ranges, this region is a veritable open book on the geological history of the Earth. Among the highest points, the Puy de Dôme reigns supreme, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and symbolizing the volcanic power of the region.

The Chaîne des Puys, UNESCO World Heritage

Since 2018, the Puys chain has benefited from international prestige by being classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. This recognition highlights the exceptional value of the landscape, shaped by volcanic activity over more than 8,500 years. The 80 volcanoes of this chain offer a spectacular panorama and continue to be a privileged subject of study to understand past and present volcanic dynamics.

Excursions and Hikes in the Heart of the Volcanoes

  • Puy de Dome : Accessible by panoramic train, this giant of Auvergne is the perfect spot to admire the entire Puys chain.
  • Puy de Pariou: Famous for its near-perfect crater, this site offers a rewarding hike with stunning views at the summit.
  • Pavin Lake: Of explosive origin, this crater lake is a geological mystery and a natural wonder to visit.

Vulcania, Exploring the Mysteries of Volcanoes

The Vulcania experience goes beyond just a theme park visit. Located in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, Vulcania combines entertainment and education to offer an impressive dive into the world of volcanology. Interactive exhibitions, 4D films and simulations of natural phenomena captivate young and old. It is a window onto the forces that have shaped, and continue to shape, our world.

Economic and Environmental Impacts

The Auvergne volcanoes are not only a wonder for the eyes and the mind; they also play a crucial role in the local economy. Eco-responsible tourism thrives here, driven by a growing interest in natural and historical heritage. Regional products such as cheeses made from milk from cows fed on rich volcanic pastures, as well as pure spring water, are directly beneficial to the region, promoting a virtuous circle of sustainable consumption and nature conservation.

Education and Awareness at the Initiatives Center

Promoting the understanding and preservation of this unique natural heritage are at the heart of educational initiatives in Auvergne. Schools and research institutes collaborate to educate new generations about environmental challenges and the wonders of local geology. Through these joint efforts, Auvergne hopes to keep its volcanic identity alive and vibrant for centuries to come.