Taking a Stand: The Inspiring Team-Up of Klean Kanteen and Protect Our Winters France!

Enter the dance of commitment and express your opinion without restraint on the unique collaboration between Klean Kanteen and Protect Our Winters France! Two major players are uniting for the planet, but what do you really think? Share your ideas, your desires, your questions… Because together, our voices resonate louder for a more sustainable world. 💬🌍 #ExpressYourOpinion

Klean Kanteen, famous for its ecological solutions, and the NGO Protect Our Winters France (POW France) team up for a cause that concerns each of us: preserving our environment. This collaboration goes well beyond simple financial donations, it aims to mobilize and raise awareness on subjects of crucial importance.

What is Protect Our Winters France?

Protect Our Winters France is the French branch of the international organization Protect Our Winters, which operates in 15 countries around the world. Their mission is clear:

  • Bringing together outdoor sports enthusiasts to act in favor of the climate.
  • Raise awareness of the climate emergency through inspiring images and popularized information.
  • Promote low-carbon mobility.
  • Carry out the voice of the outdoor community in various advocacy campaigns.

The “Ride, Bike, Climb, Vote” Campaign

During the next European Elections, POW France is launching a campaign entitled “Ride, Bike, Climb, Vote”. The idea is simple but powerful: if you enjoy outdoor sports, cycling, climbing or any other activity in nature, it is crucial to vote to protect these natural spaces.

POW does not say who to vote for, but emphasizes the importance of each vote in influencing pro-climate policies. So, dear nature enthusiasts, make your opinion heard and vote for a sustainable future.

Why Voting is Crucial?

Here are some shocking arguments to motivate you to vote:

  • European elections are held once every five years, a crucial moment to decide the future of our legislation.
  • The biggest victories in favor of the climate have been won in the European Parliament.
  • Every vote counts: In a list-based election, every percentage is important.
  • France is one of the most influential countries in Europe with 81 elected MEPs.
  • The outdoor community in Europe numbers around 190 million people, a major force in influencing political decisions.

Klean Kanteen: A Trusted Partner

For several years, Klean Kanteen is committed through multiple actions to minimize environmental impact. As a member of 1% for the Planet, the company donates 1% of its turnover to NGOs such as POW France.

Nelson, a Klean Kanteen employee, emphasizes: “We work to strict standards to create benefits for people and the environment. Our efforts are validated by certifications like B Corp and Climate Neutral. Since 2019, we have donated more than €15,000 to POW France.”

This exemplary collaboration between Klean Kanteen And Protect Our Winters France demonstrates how businesses and NGOs can join forces for a greener future. So, express your opinion, participate in political decisions and help protect our precious environment!