Unveiling the Summer Splendors of Le Havre: A Hidden French Riviera Gem

Immerse yourself in the heart of the lively streets, picturesque ports and sunny beaches of the city of Le Havre during the summer season. Let yourself be seduced by its hidden treasures, its vibrant festivals and its warm atmosphere, for an unforgettable summer getaway. Explore with us the unsuspected charms of this enchanting destination, where every moment resonates with the magic of summer.

Immersing yourself in contemporary art: A summer in Le Havre

For its 8th edition, A summer in Le Havre settles in the Docks district and other unique places in the city to offer nearly 30 works ofcontemporary art, including 12 new projects and 2 exhibitions exploring the identity of Le Havre. This event, initiated during the city’s 500th anniversary, has become essential for the people of Le Havre, transforming their port city thanks to temporary exhibitions and monumental, lasting or ephemeral works. Every summer, new creations enrich this collection, making “A Summer in Le Havre” an exceptional meeting with theart, heritage and culture.

Facilities not to be missed

Among the emblematic works, the “ Container catena » by Vincent Ganivet transforms the Southampton quay with its colorful tangles. THE hypnotic water jets by Stephane Thidet and the monumental white concrete sculpture by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, evoking a contemporary torii, are also must-sees. The 12 ephemeral works from the 2024 edition will enrich this permanent collection visible throughout the year.

Journeys through a transformed city

Different routes will reveal the multiple facets of Le Havre, from its 2 km beach in the heart of the city to its Perret architecture classified as Unesco World Heritage, passing through the botanical garden overlooking the sea. These paths will take you through spaces where art and nature intertwine harmoniously.

Unusual encounters in the ocean city

Don’t be surprised to come across unexpected wonders along the covered passages crossing the Perret buildings, or to discover the Moon resting in a pool in Square Saint-Roch. Rediscover your inner child by contemplating the astonishing Bassin du Roy cabin or by exploring the urban micro-forest on the roof of the Docks car park.

Sculptures that tell the story

You will be amazed by the bronze sculpture on the quay of Marseille, gracefully recalling the trade ofolive oil in Mediterranean. Each work is an invitation to an artistic and historical journey through the city, from June 22 to September 22, 2024.

For further

To find out more about this exceptional event, do not hesitate to visit the official website ofA summer in Le Havre.

Photo credits: Anne Bettina Brunet, Philippe-Bréard, Un Été Au Havre.