Unveiling an Economical Tri-Nation Rail Route: Explore Three Countries for Under 10 Euros!

Come on board for a unique rail journey! Do you dream of traveling through three countries for less than 10 euros? This is now possible thanks to a new economical rail connection. Embark with us on an exceptional adventure to discover varied and culturally rich landscapes. Get ready for a unique and economical experience like never before!

A Quick and Affordable Trip Across Europe

Want to explore theItaly, there Slovenia and the Croatia without breaking the bank? Good news ! A news train line allows you to explore these European treasures in just two hours for a ticket starting from eight euros.

Details of the New Line

This train line connects eight cities in these three countries from September 24, 2023 until September 30, 2024. If you leave from Villa Opicina (suburb of Trieste), a journey with several stops awaits you:

  • In Slovenia: Sežana, Divača, Pivka and Ilirska Bistrica
  • In Croatia: Šapjane, Opatija Matulji and Rijeka (terminus)

In the opposite direction, the last train leaves from Rijeka at 6:25 p.m. to arrive at Villa Opicina at 8:40 p.m. From Paris, reaching Trieste by night train takes around thirteen hours.

Advantageous Rates

This project could not have been more affordable! A one-way ticket from the start to the end of the route costs only eight euros. If you transport your bike, it will only cost you an extra five euros. Children aged 6 to 12 receive a 50% discount, and children under 6 travel free.

Flexibility and Travel Options

No need to travel all the way to take advantage of this line! Travelers can choose to get on or off at any stop. For example, join Villa Opicina has Sežana only costs 2.20 euros.

An Ambitious European Project

This new line is part of the project SUSTANCE Interreg Central Europe, which aims to improve rail connectivity in Central Europe. Launched in April 2023, this project hopes to overhaul rail services between Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

The operators want this line to become permanent to offer travelers more comfort and economical and ecological travel options.

Ready to Board?

Whether you are a passionate globetrotter, a lover ofsummer adventures or someone looking to find the best value for their travels, this new rail connection is made for you. So go pack your bags and explore these three fascinating countries without breaking the bank!