Unveiling Corsica’s Hidden Gems: Five Breathtaking Hiking Trails to Embark on During Your Visit

Welcome to Corsica, the island of beauty with a thousand natural treasures to discover at every turn in the trail! Prepare to be amazed by exploring 5 magnificent hiking trails that will take you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes. Prepare your walking shoes, your backpack and your sense of adventure, because the escape begins now!

Adventure between Sea and Mountain: Le Mare è Monti

Corsica offers an incredible playground for lovers of hiking with varied landscapes that take you from the coast to the peaks. THE Mare è Monti is a must-see trail for those who want to explore the island in depth. This GR offers two routes:

  • Mare è Monti north : A 10-day journey starting from Alenzana, close to Calvi, to finish in Cargèse, with breathtaking panoramas.
  • Mare è Monti south : A 5-day hike linking Porticcio to Propriano, offering exceptional views of the Gulf ofAjaccio.

Each route takes you through picturesque villages, coves with turquoise waters and impressive gorges.

A Journey from Sea to Sea: Le Mare a Mare

THE Mare a Mare is perfect for those who want to cross the island from sea to sea. This trail is divided into three circuits suitable for various walking levels:

  • Mare a Mare north : A 10-day hike passing the highest peaks of Corsica.
  • Mare a Mare center : A 7-day trek linking Ghisonaccia to Porticcio.
  • Mare a Mare south : A 5-day journey between Porto Vecchio and Propriano.

These paths will guide you through the Corsica Regional Natural Park, with stops in hilltop villages and century-old forests.

Discovery of the Agriates Desert

THE Agriates desert is a vast wilderness which extends over 15,000 hectares from Saint-Florent to Ostriconi beach. Despite its name, it is not an arid desert but a true haven of biodiversity.

You can explore this space by following a coastal path over a period of three days. Enjoy the superb beaches of Lotu and Saleccia, two of the most beautiful in northern Corsica.

Note that it is forbidden to bivouac there, so plan to spend the night in campsites, lodges or straw boxes – dry stone shelters stripped of modern amenities.

Family Hiking in the Sorru Valley

For an experience suitable for the whole family, the Sorru valley is ideal. Go up to the hilltop village of Soccia to discover its stone houses and explore the many trails accessible even with children.

One of the main attractions is Lake Creno, the only glacial lake in Corsica, surrounded by water lilies and pine trees. This walk includes varied landscapes ranging from rocks to forests of oaks, chestnuts and olive trees. For a touch of originality, try hiking with a donkey!

The Transhumance Trail: In the Footsteps of the Shepherds

For hikers looking for lesser-known challenges, the transhumance trail offers an alternative to the famous GR20. Created in 2007, this route connects Calenzana to Corscia in five stages.

Be prepared to climb between 4 to 6 hours per day to follow the ancient paths of Corsican shepherds. You will pass through breathtaking landscapes and may have the opportunity to encounter wild cows. The stopover lodges along the route provide comfortable accommodation in the villages.