Green Getaways: Discovering Eco-Conscious Hotels That Embrace Limited Showers and Shun Air Conditioning

Are you looking for a way to travel responsibly while remaining comfortable and environmentally friendly? Did you know that it is possible to find hotels offering limited showers and no air conditioning, while still contributing to the preservation of our planet? In this article, we will explore together how to unearth these gems of sustainable hospitality, for stays that rhyme with ecology and authenticity. Follow the guide to combine comfort and ecological awareness during your next getaways!

Favor ecological certifications

To find a eco-friendly hotel, start by checking if it has recognized ecological certifications. Labels such as Green Key, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or EcoLabel ensure that the establishment meets strict environmental criteria, including practices such as limited showers and the absence of air conditioner.

Do some research online

Use online booking platforms to filter eco-friendly options. Sites like Or TripAdvisor allow hotels to be filtered by ecological criteria. Search for keywords like “green hotel”, “zero emissions” or “sustainable” to find establishments that limit their carbon impact.

Read traveler reviews

Reviews from other travelers are a mine of valuable information. They can give you a clear idea of ​​how a hotel actually implements its eco-friendly practices. Pay particular attention to comments that mention limited showers at a certain time and the absence of air conditioner.

Contact the hotel directly

Please feel free to call or email the hotel directly to ask questions about their eco-friendly practices. Ask specifically if the establishment imposes limited showers and if they do not use air conditioner to save energy.

Consult specialized blogs and articles

Blogs and articles specializing in sustainable tourism are excellent resources. Editors like Jeanne Lefevre, who highlight the eco-friendly benefits and authentic experience of such stays, can provide you with lists of eco-friendly hotels.

Use eco-friendly travel guides

Travel guides like Lonely Planet Or Backpacker often publish special editions focused on sustainable tourism. These guides list establishments that meet ecological standards, including those with limited showers and without air conditioner.

Questions to ask

To make sure your hotel is truly eco-friendly, here are some key questions to ask:

  • Do you use renewable energy?
  • Do you have shower limitation policies?
  • Does your facility use air conditioning or other energy-intensive cooling systems?
  • How do you manage waste and recycling?