Unveiling Rabat’s Hidden Gems: Essential Visits for an Unforgettable Moroccan Adventure

Welcome to Rabat, the charming Moroccan capital is full of treasures to discover for an unforgettable tourist stay! Are you looking for the essential addresses to fully enjoy this captivating city? Look no further, we reveal our favorites in Rabat for a getaway rich in discoveries and emotions. Follow the guide for a successful stay in the heart of this city full of charm and history!

Cultural and historical articles

Rabat, with its imposing fortifications and its elegant buildings, is a city that wonderfully combines history and modernity. Start your exploration with Kasbah of the Oudayas. Nestled in the heart of the city, this ancient medieval fortress is a true haven of peace. Stroll through its enchanting Andalusian gardens, visit the National Museum of Adornment to discover magnificent historical jewels and enjoy the spectacular panorama which extends to the medina of Salé and the futuristic Rabat.

Then, the majestic Hassan Tower waiting for you. Designed to be the tallest mosque in the Muslim world, this 44-meter-high tower is an emblem of Moroccan heritage. Be sure to visit the adjoining mausoleum, where King Mohammed V and his two sons rest, a place of great importance for Moroccans.

The treasures of art museums

If you are passionate about art, Rabat will not disappoint you. Take a detour through the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Explore the works of great Moroccan artists such as Melehi and Belkahia, and savor the high-quality temporary exhibitions that are regularly organized there. For a more contemporary experience, visit National Museum of Photography. Located in an old fortification, this museum offers an impressive view of the Atlantic Ocean and exhibits the dynamic work of young Moroccan photographers.

The Madrasa of Salé, a little-known treasure

Not far from Rabat, the Madrasa of Salé is an architectural gem that absolutely deserves a visit. Built in the 14th century, this Koranic school impresses with its courtyard decorated with magnificent chiseled plaster panels and carved wood. Take the opportunity to stroll through the adjacent streets and discover the kissaria and the charming surrounding squares.

The irresistible flavors of Rabat

For a gourmet break, you are spoiled for choice. Restaurant The Two Palaces, located near the museums in the city center, is perfect for a quick lunch with its affordable traditional Moroccan dishes. For a more refined experience, head to theEuphoria, an elegant riad offering inventive Moroccan cuisine.

Seafood lovers will not be left out with Al Marsa. Located on the marina, this institution offers fresh fish and seafood dishes, with a breathtaking view of the Bouregreg River and the Hassan Tower.

Where to drink mint tea?

No trip to Rabat would be complete without enjoying mint tea. Direction the Oudayas Moorish Café, where you can taste Moroccan pastries while admiring the superb view of Bouregreg. You can also visit the Café Culturel La Scène on the first floor of the Renaissance cinema. This café, which mixes Art Deco style and artistic atmosphere, is ideal for a relaxing break.

The best bars to end the day

For those who wish to extend the evening, Rabat offers some choice addresses. Go up to Deck of the Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé for a cocktail while enjoying a panoramic view of the Oudayas casbah and the Atlantic. If you prefer a more intimate setting, theAzour Rabat Rooftop & Lounge of the Onomo hotel, with its jungle atmosphere and views of Avenue Mohammed V, is the perfect place.

Shopping in Rabat

For shopping enthusiasts, the medina is a must. Stroll along Rue des Consuls and its many traditional shops, including jewelers. For a more contemporary selection, go to 17 Ocean, a concept store that highlights “Made in Morocco” products. And for outfits inspired by the Moroccan caftan, the boutique Yakaty is an address not to be missed.

Where to stay in Rabat?

For an unforgettable stay, choose from the best addresses in the city. THE Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé offers luxurious accommodation with exceptional views and three high-quality restaurants. For a more intimate atmosphere, try the Story Rabat Boutique Hotel & Spa which combines elegance and comfort in a superb garden.