Unveiling Albania: A Hiker’s Paradise in the Peaks of the Dinaric Alps

Welcome to the captivating world of Albania, a land of unsuspected treasures nestled in the heart of the majestic peaks of the Dinaric Alps. For lovers of nature and adventure, Albania is a destination of choice where hiking turns into a real initiatory journey. Get ready to explore breathtaking landscapes and ancestral trails that will take you to unforgettable peaks. Albania is waiting for you, ready to reveal its best-kept secrets to you.

A Paradise for Hikers

Let’s imagine for a moment a country where almost 70% of the territory is dominated by majestic mountains, where each path reveals a new natural wonder. Welcome to Albania, and more precisely in the Dinaric Alps. This massif extends from Slovenia in northern Albania and offers a spectacular playground for hiking enthusiasts.

The Imposing Summits

The climax, the Maja e Jezercës, reached 2692 meters. These mountains have nothing to envy of the French-Italian-Swiss Alps. Hikers can discover varied landscapes, glacial valleys to high altitude pastures, passing by steep ridges and impressive peaks like Mount Arapi, often nicknamed the Albanian Matterhorn.

Hiking between National Parks

THE Valbona and Thethi national parks are a must for those looking to connect with nature. The hike that connects these two parks has become a must for trekkers around the world. The trail climbs through beech and pine forests, and crosses the Valbona pass at 1860 meters. At every turn, free-ranging sheep add a touch of life to these grandiose landscapes.

Memories of Ancient Days

The Albanian mountains are also steeped in history. Bunkers, vestiges of the 35 years of dictatorship of Enver Hodja, punctuate the landscape with their characteristic silhouette. These remains recall a bygone but fascinating era, when Albania was almost entirely isolated from the rest of the world.

Travel without breaking the bank

Albania is a destination of choice for travelers to small budget. Compared to other European destinations, costs are remarkably low. A full meal can cost less than ten euros, and a variety of accommodations, from hostels to charming guest houses, offer economical options without compromising comfort.

Dive into Local Culture

Albania is also an immersion in a rich and authentic culture. The locals welcome you warmly, and centuries-old traditions are still very much alive. In Thethi, for example, you may encounter villagers playing çifteli, the Albanian lute, while listening to fascinating tales of their past.

Visit the Tintin Sets

For Tintin fans, certain landscapes will remind you of the adventures of the famous reporter in Syldavia, an imaginary country in the Balkans created by Hergé. The terrain of this region bears an uncanny resemblance to the Albanian karst mountains, offering visitors an almost fantastical experience.

Useful information

How to get there : From Paris (Orly) to Tirana, flights from €66 (2h40). Consult transavia.com/en for reservations.

Go hiking: Tour operators like Terres d’aventure offer specific circuits, such as “the Albanian Alps, in the land of eagles”, from €830 for eight days (flight not included). More info on terdav.com.

Best season: From April to October.

Cash : The lek, 1000 leks are worth around 10 euros.

Albania and its Dinaric Alps are an ideal destination for any hiking enthusiast. Prepare your walking shoes, your backpack, and let yourself be enchanted by this wonder of the Balkans.