Exploring France via Waterways: 6 Breathtaking Barge Journey Routes

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the water and explore France in a unique way! Discover 6 exceptional barge tours that will take you to discover picturesque landscapes, charming villages and hidden treasures. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of the French waterways and experience unforgettable sailing moments. Get ready to cast off and set off to discover these splendid river itineraries!

Want a vacation off the beaten track? Why not go on an adventure in barge on the canals and rivers of France? Let yourself be lulled by the peaceful rhythm of the water and admire the exceptional landscapes while exploring six unforgettable routes.

The Canal du Midi, a picturesque getaway

For lovers of nature and slow tourism, a cruise on the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to the Mediterranean via Carcassonne is a true blessing. With its paths perfect for rollerblading or walking, the charm of this canal is undeniable. Rent a barge and let yourself be captivated by the journey of several kilometers per hour, taking a week to savor every moment. Happiness is guaranteed!

Strong points :

  • Landscapes scented with greenery
  • Small soothing rhythm
  • Route between Toulouse and the Mediterranean

Charente, a total immersion in nature

From Angoulême to Rochefort, the river Charente unfolds in an idyllic itinerary. As you navigate this gentle waterway, you will pass through vineyards, marshes, fields, and forests. Take the opportunity to explore historic towns and charming villages like Jarnac, Cognac, and Saintes. Cycling enthusiasts can happily reach the locks via the towpaths along the river.

Strong points :

  • Passage through vineyards and marshes
  • Exploring charming villages
  • Possibility of cycling near the locks

The enchanting canals of Alsace

Navigating the Alsatian canals means discovering picturesque villages and historic towns such as Strasbourg or Colmar. It also means crossing bucolic landscapes where stone bridges, famous vineyards and green forests alternate. Alsace is also an ideal destination for cycling and tasting local specialties such as Riesling where the Gewürztraminer.

Strong points :

  • Visit to historic villages and towns
  • Cruise through bucolic landscapes
  • Local wine tasting

The Briare Canal and its majestic bridge

Embark on a journey on the Briare Canal, one of the oldest in France. You will have the chance to sail on the spectacular Briare aqueduct, a 19th century work of art.e century which crosses the Loire. This bridge, more than 600 meters long and decorated with lampposts and charming sidewalks, will offer you a breathtaking view. It’s a real journey through time and history on this canal of stone and metal.

Strong points :

  • Discovery of the Briare Canal
  • Crossing the spectacular canal bridge
  • Historical exploration through the Loire

Doubs and Franche-Comté, between mountains and wonders

Franche-Comté, nestled between Alsace, Burgundy and Switzerland, offers more than 300 kilometers of waterways to explore. On board your barge, set off to discover the mountainous landscapes, picturesque villages and impressive gorges of this region. Make stops to visit towns like Dole, Besançon, and Salins-les-Bains, and don’t hesitate to taste the delicious local cheeses, especially Comté.

Strong points :

  • Exploration of 300 km of waterways
  • Discovery of charming villages and gorges
  • Tasting of the famous Comté

The quiet Lot, serenity and medieval charm

THE Batch is perfect for a relaxing river cruise with its calm and peaceful waters. Travel along this river and reach picturesque medieval villages such as Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, classified among the “most beautiful villages in France”, and Rocamadour, a famous site built on the side of a cliff. Each step is a gem in itself, making your barge journey absolutely unforgettable.

Strong points :

  • Sailing on serene waters
  • Visit charming medieval villages
  • Exploring historic sites like Rocamadour