Escaping the Rain and Rush: Serene Summer Havens in Asia Away from Monsoons and Mass Tourism

Welcome to the world of destinations in Asia during summer, where avoiding the monsoon and the crowds is a well-mastered art of travel. Imagine exotic landscapes, ancestral temples, and heavenly beaches, all without the inconvenience of bad weather and tourist overcrowding. Here are some rare gems to discover for an unforgettable summer in Asia.

In search ofsummer adventures in Asia without suffering the vagaries of the weather or the crowds? Discover our selection of destinations where the sun shines, temperatures are pleasant and tourists are rare.


Indonesia, with its postcard landscapes, is a real gem in summer. Between May and October, the dry season reigns there. You can discover Bali, with its temples, rice fields and heavenly beaches, under a cloudless sky and temperatures oscillating between 26 and 29°C. Perfect for walks and the snorkeling!


If Malaysia is often associated with rains, the East Coast has a pleasant surprise in store for you during the months of June, August and September. Temperatures here range from 24 to 33°C, making the days ideal for exploring the beaches and jungle. In July, prefer Kuala Lumpur and the west coast for sunny days and little precipitation.

Thailand, from the Gulf of Thailand to the North

Contrary to popular belief, Thailand is an essential summer destination. The islands of Gulf of Thailand like Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao receive less rain, thus providing perfect beach time. Showers remain short and refreshing, even transforming the afternoons into tropical balms.

Eastern and Northern Sri Lanka

Escape the monsoons of Sri Lanka by choosing its East and North-East coasts. From April to October, the dry season reigns there. Explore rice fields, idyllic beaches, tea plantations and tropical jungle in balmy temperatures of 27 to 30°C.

Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

For lovers of trekking andhorse riding, Central Asia is a paradise in summer. The mountains of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan offer cool temperatures, ideal for hiking between June and September. The landscapes are green and punctuated with yurts, guaranteeing a unique experience far from the summer crowds.


The vast steppes of Mongolia welcome you warmly during the summer. Temperatures in the plains are around 23-25°C. Explore the northern taiga or central steppes in July-August, and the Gobi Desert in June and September to avoid extreme heat.


THE high mountains and desert plains of Tibet experience cool, dry summers. At low altitude, temperatures vary pleasantly between 10 and 25°C, and August is even less rainy than July. A perfect destination for a spiritual and natural experience.

Japan of the mountains and the Far North

Japan, often avoided in summer for its heatwaves, has some nice surprises in store. After the rainy season in mid-July, the Japanese Alps and the island of Hokkaido become havens of coolness. Temperatures vary between 13 and 25°C and the landscapes are spectacular with their coniferous forests and volcanic peaks. Don’t miss the legendary ascent of Mount Fuji, a breathtaking experience.

In Asia, each destination has its own summer charm, far from the vagaries of the monsoon and the tourist crowds. Have a good trip!