Safeguard Your Ride: The Indispensable Accessory Every Cyclist Needs

Are you passionate about cycling and want to avoid injuries during your bike rides?

Look no further, the essential accessory for any safety-conscious cyclist is helmet. Indeed, protecting your head is essential to prevent head trauma in the event of a fall.

Whether you’re an occasional cyclist or a long-distance rider, investing in a good quality helmet can make all the difference in the event of an accident.

Do not take unnecessary risks and equip yourself with the best ally for your safety on the road: a helmet adapted to your practice and your body type.

Safety above all: why protect yourself when cycling

When cycling, the most important element is safety. Whether you’re cruising down country roads or commuting through the urban jungle, protection is essential. Security cyclists is often put to the test by elevation changes, weather conditions and, of course, other road users. So how can you ensure that every bike ride remains a pleasant experience without compromising your well-being?

The evolution of safety equipment for cyclists

The world of cycling continues to innovate, and these days, it is possible to equip yourself with sophisticated tools to ride with complete peace of mind. Any wise cyclist knows the importance of helmet and the retro-reflective vest, essential to be visible and protected.

But did you know that there are airbags specifically designed for cyclists? They work in a similar way to those in cars and motorcycles: a cushion inflates around the back of the neck to absorb shock and limit injuries. The sector is constantly innovating to improve comfort and safety of its users.

Airbag backpacks: a revolution in safety

Let’s imagine for a moment that your backpack could save the day in the event of an accident. It is now a reality with models like the Commute A.I.R Pro 18 from Evoc. This German device not only protects your neck, but also the ribcage and shoulders.

With a volume of up to 18 liters, the airbag deploys in 0.2 seconds. That said, it requires regular charging, which can make long roaming trips difficult. Despite this small problem, these backpacks represent a major technological advance for all fans of the little queen.

The airbag vest: revolutionary equipment

In 2019, B’Safe launched the first airbag vest for cyclists, a small revolution made possible thanks to different sensors that detect shocks. However, this technology still needs to overcome some challenges to become the new standard.

For example, Hövding, a Swedish company, had developed an airbag helmet for bicycles. Unfortunately, various technical problems have relegated this feat to the status of a false promise. This underlines the importance of choosing your equipment carefully and following market developments closely.

Budget and choice: what to expect?

Wanting to be best protected while cycling can involve a certain investment. Safety devices like airbags for cyclists can cost between €350 and €1000, depending on the models and features. A price to pay for cycling enthusiasts concerned about their safety.

In the meantime, good old helmets continue to evolve. Modern models may include integrated turn signals and MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, which separates the rotation of the helmet from that of the head to limit damage in the event of an impact.

Tips for driving carefully

  • Avoid heavy pedaling: pedaling in a regular and controlled manner allows you to better anticipate obstacles and potential dangers.
  • Limit your speed: especially in urban areas where there are many intersections and pedestrians.
  • Equip yourself with the best safety devices available and make sure they are in working order.

The world of cycling is evolving at an incredible pace, and it is more crucial than ever to be properly equipped. Whatever your destination, remember that comfort and safety go hand in hand to make every bike ride enjoyable and safe.