Embracing the Drizzle: Unconventional Things to Do in Saint-Malo on a Rainy Day

Want to enjoy Saint-Malo even in the rain? Do not panic ! Despite the vagaries of the weather, the city is full of activities that will brighten up your days. Discover unique cultural experiences, captivating tours and gourmet escapades that will enchant your stay, even in gray weather.

Whether you are an art lover, history buff or simply looking for relaxation, Saint-Malo offers a range of entertaining options for all tastes. From museums to cozy cafés and artisan boutiques, let yourself be seduced by the authentic atmosphere of this privateer city, whatever the weather outside.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Saint-Malo, where even rainy days are transformed into unforgettable moments. Follow the guide for original ideas and exciting activities that will make you fully appreciate the charm of this Breton town, whatever the weather outside!

Are you in Saint-Malo and the weather is not on your side? No worries, here are some ideas to have a good time despite the rain!

Discover Jacques Cartier’s house

Very close to Saint-Malo, the home of Jacques Cartier invites you to immerse yourself in the world of this famous explorer. Located at the Limoëlou manor, between Saint-Malo and Cancale, this visit will allow you to discover not only the everyday life by Jacques Cartier, but also his exciting trips around the world, notably his discovery of Canada in the 16e century.

Relaxation in a spa hotel

Why not treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in a hotel with a spa? Many hotels in and around Saint-Malo offer facilities such as saunas to relax when it’s raining outside. For example, the Hôtel de l’Abbaye is an excellent choice for a relaxing stay.

Get inspired at Villa Les Roches Brunes

In Dinard, on the tip of Malouine, Villa Les Roches Brunes invites you to discover contemporary art exhibitions. Furthermore, the villa itself is worth a visit, with its superb architecture and its breathtaking view of the sea.

Explore Dinan Castle

This is the perfect time to explore Dinan Castle. This superb construction of the 14e century will immerse you in themedieval ages, with its well-preserved walls and perfectly preserved Middle Ages architecture.

Learn at the Cider Museum

In Pleudihen-sur-Rance, the cider museum is a fascinating place to learn more about a local specialty with the icing on the cake: a unmissable tasting of this delicious beverage at the end of your visit.

Visit the Malouinière of Ville-Bague

Head to La Ville-Bague to discover this magnificent shipowners residence private. The visit will allow you to see an impressive collection ofcorsair weapons with guided tours available every day.

Dive into the heart of the Dinard casino

For a little relaxation and fun, the Dinard casino opens its doors to you with its games and a splendid view of the sea, perfect for forgetting the rain for a few games.

Admire the manuscripts of Mont-Saint-Michel

The manuscript museum in Avranches, an hour from Saint-Malo, will allow you to discover the art of manuscript making. You will find there many fascinating manuscripts, revealing their delicate secrets.

Visit the Yvonne Jean-Haffen Museum

The Yvonne Jean-Haffen Museum in Dinan is another option. A place of discovery and culture, you will be able to see magnificent paintings and drawings while learning more about the artist.

Taste chouchenn in Dinard

In Dinard, you can dedicate a day to tasting chouchenn, a Breton specialty. The producer Chouchenn Red Dragon will offer you a unique taste experience with different vintages to savor.

Have fun at West Parc indoor park

The indoor park West Park at La Richardais is perfect for a rainy day. You will find a multitude of activities for all ages: bowling, laser game, trampolines And arcade games await you for fun times with family or friends.

Now that you are equipped with all these ideas, the rain will not prevent you from having a wonderful time in Saint-Malo!