Discover the top 10 must-see hotels in Budapest, Hungary

Classic Charm Met: Anantara New York Palace

The Anantara New York Palace doesn’t just offer accommodation, it offers a dive into the architectural history of Budapest. Built in 1894, this building, with Art Nouveau, neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance influences, operates like a living museum. With its rooms decorated in warm tones and a historic café dazzling with frescoes and chandeliers, this palace is an ode to grandiose luxury.

Modern Royal Elegance: Dorothea Hotel

In homage to Archduchess Dorothea, the Dorothea Hotel boldly combines history and modernity. Three buildings of diverse architectural styles come together to create a regal, yet accessible ambiance. Strategically located near the Danube, each room offers a fusion of historic charm and contemporary comfort, making each stay a 21st century royal experience.

Innovation and Design: Verno House

Near the majestic Budapest Parliament, Verno House stands out for its sleek contemporary style. With decorations by Zoltán Tombor and local furnishings, this establishment reinvents urban elegance. This place appeals to lovers of modern design while offering an oasis of calm in the vibrant heart of the city.

A Historic Duo: Matild Palace

On the banks of the Elizabeth Bridge, the Matild Palace, with its twin, marks the entry into the Belle Époque era in Budapest. Renovated to enhance its neo-baroque decor and its dizzying ceilings, the establishment invites you on a journey through time where luxury and history meet in every detail.

Reflection of Refinement: Four Seasons Hotel Palais Gresham

At the Four Seasons Hotel Palais Gresham, every step is a stroll through an architectural fairy tale. The interior design is a work of art, with each room reflecting the luxury and precision of Four Seasons service. Its spa offers stunning views of the Danube, adding a touch of zen to the surrounding opulence.

Paris in Hungary: Párisi Udvar Hotel

The architecture inspired by the Passage des Panoramas in Paris makes the Párisi Udvar Hotel a jewel in the heart of Budapest. Moorish architectural details and stained glass windows add an almost theatrical dimension to the experience, while the uncluttered rooms offer a well-deserved rest after a day of exploring.

Comfort and Luxury: Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

At Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, luxury is in every detail. With a modernist glass facade and an impressive art collection, this hotel combines history and modernity in a harmonious whole. Located in the heart of Budapest, it offers easy access to iconic sites and an unforgettable high-end experience.

Echo of Opulence: Corinthia Budapest

The Corinthia Budapest, with its illustrious past and splendid architecture, continues to defy time. The historic spa and luxuriously appointed rooms are the height of opulence, with service to match the prestige of the building. A must-see for those looking to stay in a living part of Budapest’s history.

Luxury Melody: Aria Hotel Budapest

At the Aria Hotel Budapest, each room is a celebration of music. With themes ranging from classical to jazz, this unique venue ensures an immersive experience in art and culture. The rooftop bar offers a breathtaking view, perfect for evenings of music under the stars.

Sophistication and View: The Ritz-Carlton Budapest

The Ritz-Carlton Budapest reflects its worldwide reputation: elegance and refinement. With panoramic city views and exemplary service, every stay is a promise of perfection. The Kupola Lounge, under an impressive dome, is the ideal place for afternoon tea, enveloped in the luxurious ambience of the Ritz.

These establishments are not just some of the best hotels in Budapest, they are its beating heart, combining history, luxury and impeccable hospitality. A trip to Budapest is incomplete without immersing yourself in the refinement of these legendary hotels.