Exploring Rome: Uncovering the Top 5 Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods for an Unforgettable Stay

Welcome to Rome, the eternal city! If you are planning a family trip to the Italian capital, choosing the neighborhood to stay in is crucial so that everyone can fully enjoy this trip. Here is a selection of 5 best neighborhoods in Rome for an unforgettable family vacation. Follow the guide to find the ideal place that will delight young and old!

Trastevere: authenticity in the heart of Rome

If you’re looking for a quaint neighborhood bursting with charm, look no further than Trastevere. Located on the west bank of the Tiber, this neighborhood is famous for its cobblestone streets, colorful houses and bohemian vibe. Families love strolling through the small squares where children can run freely while parents relax in the many outdoor cafes.

Trastevere offers an incredible variety of restaurants, shops and bars. The nightlife here is lively without being too noisy, making it a perfect choice for families. Its proximity to the Vatican and Rome’s main historical monuments makes it easy to explore the city on foot.

Why choose Trastevere?

  • Bohemian and authentic atmosphere
  • Proximity to the Vatican
  • Many restaurant and cafe options

Monti: in the heart of the capital

Bordered by the Colosseum and Termini station, Monti is a central district steeped in history. It offers an excellent value for money for families looking for accommodation in the heart of Rome. Accommodation options vary from luxurious hotels to affordable hostels, suiting all budgets.

Monti is just minutes from the main historical sites. The neighborhood is quiet and secure, with many small restaurants and local shops. Additionally, the nearby metro station makes traveling to other parts of the city much easier.

The advantages of Monti:

  • Central location
  • Good value for money
  • Proximity to major historical sites

Prati: calm near the Vatican

Located just north of the Vatican, Practical is a residential and elegant neighborhood. Known for its wide avenues, luxury boutiques and fine restaurants, Prati is an ideal choice for families seeking tranquility and sophistication.

This neighborhood offers a relaxed atmosphere, far from the tourist hustle and bustle. Parents will enjoy the upscale shopping options, while kids can play in the many parks. Prati also allows easy access to cultural sites like the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Why choose Prati?

  • Residential and quiet area
  • Proximity to the Vatican
  • Shopping options and fine dining

Centro Storico: a dive into the history of Rome

THE Centro Storico is the historic and emblematic heart of Rome. It is home to must-see sites like the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain, offering a real journey back in time. For families, this district allows you to discover the richness of Roman culture on every street corner.

Although very busy, especially in peak tourist season, the Centro Storico offers many attractions within walking distance. Families can enjoy museums, historical monuments and charming places to relax.

The advantages of Centro Storico:

  • Proximity to main historical sites
  • Abundance of museums and monuments
  • Typically Roman atmosphere

Testaccio: the local soul of Rome

Looking for authenticity? Testaccio is the neighborhood you need. Less touristy but just as rich in history, Testaccio is known for its bustling market and local restaurants. Families will find a village atmosphere in the heart of the city.

The Testaccio market is perfect for discovering fresh produce and Italian specialties. Accommodation options are varied and often more affordable than elsewhere. In addition, this area is well served by public transport, making travel easier.

Why choose Testaccio?

  • Local and authentic atmosphere
  • Lively market and typical restaurants
  • Easy access to public transportation