Exploring Europe’s Charm: Experience No-Cost Slumbers while Trekking Across Its Most Gorgeous Island

Go on an adventure on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe without worrying about your accommodation! Find out how to spend free and memorable nights on your hikes. An unforgettable experience awaits you on these wild and preserved lands, ready to welcome you for a getaway in the great outdoors.

Explore Sardinia without breaking the bank

Who has never dreamed of traveling hiking trails breathtaking while enjoying a free hosting? If you are under 35, now is the time to pack your walking shoes and discover beautiful Sardinia. The Italian island contains incredible natural treasures, accessible to those who follow the Santa Barbara Mining Trail.

What is the Santa Barbara Mining Trail?

The Santa Barbara Mining Trail is a 500 km path located in southwest Sardinia, with Iglesias as the start and finish point. This trail can be covered both on foot and by bike, in 30 stages with an average length of 16 km. It crosses sand dunes, oak forests and steep cliffs, passing impressive historical and natural sites such as the Pan di Zucchero and the caves of San Giovanni.

How to benefit from free hosting?

To benefit from free nights in refuge, hostel, camping Or guest room, you must be under 35 years old and obtain a “walking passport” by paying a contribution of 5 euros. Then a donation (no minimum required) via the camminominerario.it website is necessary. With this passport, you will receive three vouchers for free nights, breakfast included.

Availability periods

The offer is valid until June 15, then between September 15 and December 31. This is an initiative of the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara (CMSB) foundation to promote this unique trail and encourage young people to discover the region.

Breathtaking landscapes

The Santa Barbara Mining Trail takes you through 8,000 years of mining history, from the Neolithic to the 20th centurye century. The landscapes are diverse and varied:

  • Basalt and granite mountains
  • Holm oak forests of Marganai
  • Spectacular caves
  • Dizzying waterfalls

These natural wonders provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Book your nights now

To reserve your accommodation, you will have to take the steps yourself by choosing from the 24 options offered. Most accommodations are shared rooms between hikers, perfect for meeting other nature enthusiasts. A night in these Posadas normally costs between 20 and 28 euros, but thanks to the “Leg’s go in Cammino” offer you can save on your travel budget.