Explore the Charms of Istanbul on a Budget: Unbelievable Stays Starting from Just 209 Euros per Person!

Do you dream of visiting the magnificent city of Istanbul without breaking the bank? Do not search anymore ! Set off to discover this captivating destination from 209 euros per person. With my tips and advice, you will be able to fully enjoy your stay at a low price. Follow the guide for an unforgettable trip to Istanbul without breaking the bank!

A fascinating journey between two continents

Istanbul, located between Africa and Asia, is a city full of natural, cultural and architectural riches. Discover this captivating destination without breaking the bank thanks to affordable offers from 209 euros per person for two nights.

The must-sees of Istanbul

A visit to Istanbul is the guarantee of unforgettable moments. Start with the ancient basilica Hagia Sophia, today a museum, famous for its immense dome and its Byzantine mosaics. There Blue Mosque, with its six minarets and blue earthenware tiles, is also a must. Remember to check prayer times before planning your visit.

THE Egyptian bazaar, for its part, is a veritable abundance of colors and scents where you can soak up the unique atmosphere of the city. For stunning views of Istanbul, climb to the top of the Galata Tower.

Stay at the 4* Mevlana Hotel

THE Mevlana 4* is the perfect place for a comfortable stay in the heart of the historic center of Istanbul. Just a few steps from the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, this hotel offers rooms with elegant, traditional decoration and well-equipped facilities.

The hotel also offers a breakfast room with a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, perfect for enjoying a buffet of local specialties.

An unbeatable offer

Thanks to this stay offer from 209 euros per person for two nights, including flights, accommodation in a Standard Room and breakfast, you can finally explore Istanbul without breaking the bank. For greater flexibility, payment for the trip can be made in two or four installments.

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Practical advice for your stay

  • Remember to check the opening hours of historic sites in advance.
  • Use public transportation to get around economically.
  • At the bazaar, don’t hesitate to negotiate prices with the sellers.

Istanbul awaits you with its treasures to discover. Don’t delay any longer and prepare your bags for a memorable adventure without breaking the bank!