Stepping Back in Time: Exploring the Historic Villas, Cinematic Treasures, and Scenic Trails of Cabourg

Welcome to Cabourg, a destination where old-world charm meets timeless elegance. Immerse yourself in a timeless getaway in the heart of sumptuous villas, unforgettable cinema sessions and captivating walks. Prepare to live a unique experience, combining glamour, history and the sweetness of life.

Journey to the heart of the Belle Époque

Welcome to Cabourg, this charming seaside resort which invites you on a real journey through time. Immerse yourself in the Belle Époque by strolling among its elegant villas with majestic facades. Graceful avenues lead you straight to the sea, where each house reveals its history and unique charm.

The architectural gems of Cabourg

The town of Cabourg shines with its unique architectural heritage. Admire treasures such as the Villa Argentina, renowned for its neo-Renaissance architecture, or the Villa Marie Antoinette with its watchtower tower. Each villa seems to tell a story of past grandeur, a real invitation to stroll.

The glamor of the Grand Hôtel de Cabourg

If you are looking for a place that is both sumptuous and steeped in history, the Grand Hotel de Cabourg is essential. Known for having hosted Marcel Proust, this hotel offers a breathtaking view of the sea. Don’t miss the legendary room 414, a museum piece frozen in the decor of its time.

In the footsteps of Marcel Proust

Stroll along the Marcel-Proust promenade, a dike lined with villas which immerses you in the Proustian atmosphere. Lovers celebrate the Meridian of Love every year, a relaxing and romantic place where you will hear love whispered in all languages.

Cabourg Film Festival: an encounter with romantic cinema

Cabourg is not only a treat for architecture lovers, but also for movie buffs. THE Cabourg Film Festival celebrates romantic cinema every year. With more than 80 films presented over four days, it is the flagship event that attracts directors and actors from around the world. Attend previews and special screenings, an experience you won’t want to miss.

Gourmet moments: where to eat in Cabourg

For gourmets, Cabourg offers a rich and diverse culinary offering:

  • Symbiosis : A gourmet restaurant run by Charles-Antoine Jouxtel, where each dish is a work of art.
  • Aroma : Close to the casino gardens, this restaurant offers dishes with Mediterranean flavors in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Balbec : Located at the Grand Hôtel, Frédéric Lanteri delights you with refined dishes facing a breathtaking view of the sea.

Unforgettable activities: a sulky ride

For a unique experience, take a ride in sulky running on the beach. Accompanied by a coach, you will take the reins and trot into the waves for a magical moment. After the effort, seeing your horse rolling happily in the sand will end the excursion with a note of euphoria.

Crafts to discover: Mesnil de Bavent pottery

End your getaway with a visit to the Mesnil de Bavent pottery. About ten kilometers from Cabourg, this factory specializing in roofing accessories will immerse you in an artistic and historical world. Stroll through the craft village and discover multi-talented artisans.