Unveiling Top-Notch Mountain Adventures for Your Ultimate Summer Escape!

Did you think the mountains were only reserved for winter sports? Think again ! Summer at altitude offers a completely different side, full of summer activities full of surprises and adventures. Get ready to discover my essential suggestions for an unforgettable summer vacation in the mountains. Follow the guide for moments of nature and total disconnection! 🌲🌞

Summer is approaching and you are planning to spend your vacation in the mountains. Good idea ! The mountains are full of summer activities that will please everyone. Between breathtaking landscapes and diverse activities, you will not be disappointed. Here are my best suggestions for making the most of your summer vacation in the mountains!

Go Cani-Rando

If the idea of ​​hiking is dragging your feet with your children, why not try cani-hiking? Connected to the dogs by a harness, you will be guided by these adorable balls of fur. A fun and adventurous activity, ideal for animal lovers!

Try Rafting

Want thrills and freshness? Rafting is for you! From the age of 8, go down a river as a team, paddle together and discover magnificent gorges. A thrilling and refreshing experience, perfect for hot summer days.

Climb a Via Ferrata

Let your mountaineering soul express itself with the via ferrata. Between ladders attached to the wall, walkways and suspension bridges, you will feel like you are flying! The courses vary from easy to extremely difficult, there is something for all levels.

Take off in Paragliding

Nothing beats the feeling of to fly like a bird in a mountainous landscape. In tandem with an instructor, let yourself be transported by the wind and discover the peaks from another angle. An unforgettable aerial adventure!

Hit the slopes on a mountain bike

No snow ? No problem ! Mountain Bike Parks offer marked trails of various difficulties for all levels of mountain biking. From extreme freeride trails to quiet trails for families, mountain biking in the mountains is pure joy.

Wild Bivouac

For an authentic and soothing experience, try wild bivouac. After a nice hike, sit near a lake and admire a starry sky far from civilization. The first light of the morning with the sounds of nature waking up are simply magical.

Go down a River in Hydrospeed

Do you know hydrospeed? Equipped with a float and fins, you will descend a river in total immersion. Strong sensations guaranteed with rapids and currents that will make you shiver!

Test Summer Sledding

Why not try summer sledding? Take advantage of sledding, on rails or on track, to hurtle down the slope at full speed! An activity that will delight young and old.

Taste the Mountain Delights

If you are more of an epicurean, take advantage of your stay to discover mountain products. Visit a distillery, discover the production of Estive cheese or leave picking blueberries and wild raspberries. Enjoy your food !

Sleep at Cliffside

For an unusual and memorable night, sleep hanging from a cliff in a portaledge ! An experience worthy of the greatest climbers, with the added bonus of a spectacular view, particularly over the magnificent Lake Annecy.

Slide on a Giant Zipline

Val Thorens and other resorts offer giant zip lines. More than 2,500 meters long and capable of reaching speeds of 130 km/h, these zip lines are worth testing for a guaranteed adrenaline rush!


Canyoning is an essential summer activity. Equipped with a wetsuit, combine abseiling, water jumping and slides in natural slides. A sporting and rewarding adventure!

Hiking with Donkeys

Live a unique experience hiking with donkeys! Relaxation and discovery are there, in addition to strengthening your family ties and discovering the local fauna and flora.

With these suggestions, you’re ready to plan an unforgettable trip to the mountains this summer. Whether you are sporty, epicurean, or simply looking for a change of scenery, there is bound to be an activity for you!