The Unexpected Truth: Why 4-Wheel Suitcases Boast Superior Durability in Airline Baggage Handling

Ah, the mysteries of the world of luggage! Did you know that 4-wheel suitcases are actually less likely to be damaged when checked in the hold? Yes, you read correctly ! There is a surprising reason behind this strange phenomenon. Let me reveal this mystery to you so that you can travel with peace of mind.

The interest of 4-Wheel Suitcases

Choose the suitcase ideal for traveling can be a real headache. In addition to capacity, color, and size, the number of wheels is a criterion that is often underestimated. 4-wheel suitcases offer unrivaled mobility, making it easy to transport through airport terminals.airport. But did you know that they are also less likely to be damaged when checked in the hold?

The Testimony of the Baggage Riders

According to “Zack”, an experienced luggage handler, suitcases with 4 wheels are much easier to handle. He told The Sun newspaper that these suitcases can be placed and pushed towards colleagues or towards the luggage trolley effortlessly, thanks to their ability to slide. On the other hand, suitcases with 2 wheels often need to be “thrown or dragged” during times of rush. This inevitably leads to more risk of damage.

Practical Daily Benefits

Opting for a 4-wheel suitcase is not limited to comfort in the airport. These suitcases offer stability increased, which is especially helpful when stacking personal items on top, like a purse or drink. Plus, they take up less space at the airport because they can be wheeled alongside you, unlike 2-wheeled suitcases which have to be dragged.

Tips for Preserving your Baggage

To maximize the life of your luggage, here are some tips:

  • Always close the zippers of your suitcases to prevent objects from falling.
  • Invest in TSA lock to secure your belongings.
  • Label your suitcases securely and include your contact details inside for added security.
  • Dispose of old luggage tags to avoid confusion.

By following these few simple rules, you will increase your chances of finding your belongings intact at your destination.

On your next trip, why not consider upgrading to a 4-wheel suitcase? In addition to making your travels smoother, you will have peace of mind that your belongings will arrive in good condition.

Have a good trip and enjoy your wheels!