Divine Hospitality: A Comprehensive Review of Glasgow’s Majestic ‘House of Gods’ Hotel

In the heart of the excitement of Glasgow, Scotland, lies a haven of luxury and eccentricity: the House of Gods. Prepare to immerse yourself in an extraordinary hotel experience, where every detail tells a story and every moment promises a captivating escape. Follow me in this hotel review which will reveal all the secrets of this unique place.

A Grand Entrance

From January, after three years of careful renovation, the House of Gods Glasgow has finally opened its doors. Housed in a magnificent five-story Edwardian sandstone building, formerly a Chinese restaurant, this sister hotel to the Edinburgh establishment welcomes visitors with a giant neon sign. Once inside, your eyes must adjust to the cozy atmosphere of the dark hall, adorned with wooden panels and decorated with imposing statues. No more traditional greetings, here, you are welcomed with a glass of sparkling champagne.

For who ?

There House of Gods is a real gem for those looking for an original and luxurious stay. With only 28 rooms, the hotel offers an intimate and unique experience. From classic rooms to rockstar presidential suites on the top floor, every stay promises to be memorable. These suites, true party sanctuaries, feature exceptional amenities like a private cinema, spectacular bathrooms with twin soaking tubs, and spacious his-and-hers showers.

The rooms

The rooms of the House of Gods are a true work of craftsmanship. Lined with bespoke wooden paneling and fitted wardrobes, they feature four-poster beds, cashmere blankets and a red LED light for a cheeky touch. The smaller rooms evoke the cozy cabins of the Orient Express, while the classics are inspired by the sumptuous style of Versailles.

If you opt for the £99 “Treat Me Like I am Famous” package, expect a bed strewn with plastic gold rose petals and balloons from the House of Gods, a bottle of prosecco, a box of luxury chocolates and a £40 bar credit, which can also be used for room service.

Gastronomy and Drinks

To the House of Gods, extravagance is the watchword. Guests of the “Treat Me Like I am Famous” package enjoy a secret gin taster. The rooftop restaurant, Sacred Garden, offers a cocktail menu inspired by rock’n’roll icons. Among the delicacies not to be missed, discover the sake-based House of the Rising Sun and the House of the Gods Number 5, served in a bottle inspired by the famous perfume.

  • Small plates: ham croquetas with parmesan, grilled beet and arugula salad, shakchuka fries.
  • Plates to share: baked camembert, orange marmalade, cold meats and seafood.
  • Desserts: sweet donuts, cardamom chocolate, champagne and vanilla sorbets.

What’s Nearby

The hotel is ideally located in the heart of Glasgow. The metro station and train station are just a five-minute walk away, making museums, restaurants, bars and cafes easily accessible. To avoid getting lost, just spot the statue of the Duke of Wellington adorned with its inevitable traffic cone.

Experience and Verdict

In conclusion, the House of Gods Glasgow perfectly embodies the combination of fun and refinement. This hotel is a breath of fresh air in the luxury accommodation landscape, offering a unique and memorable experience to its visitors. Not to be missed for those who want to combine eccentricity and high-end comfort.