Sailing Smoothly: Crucial Mistakes to Dodge for a Memorable Debut Cruise

Ah, cruises… A dream of escape at sea which can quickly turn into a nightmare if you fall into certain traps. For a successful first cruise, it is better to be well prepared and avoid the most common mistakes. Come on board with me to discover the tips you absolutely need to know before casting off!

Check the validity of your passport

Before setting sail, make sure your passport is in order. It must be valid for at least three to six months after the end of the cruise, depending on the countries visited. Imagine being stuck at customs, it’s a hassle that you really want to avoid!

Don’t take risks with your flights

It is wise to book a flight that takes you to the port city the day before of your cruise. Flight delays or cancellations can happen, and missing boarding can be very expensive. For the return, avoid booking a flight too early on the day of your disembarkation as the procedures can take time.

Don’t neglect travel insurance

Insurance journey is essential for a cruise. Medical care at sea is expensive. Evacuating without coverage could ruin you. Good insurance should include a medical component to protect you in the event of an emergency.

Choosing the right cabin

Don’t choose your cabin randomly. Avoid the cabins located under the nightclub if you like to sleep in peace. If you are prone to seasickness, opt for a central cabin on an intermediate level of the ship to minimize sensations of movement.

Respect the return times to the boat

When you go ashore for an excursion, always make sure to return on time. Missing the boat can cause hassle and additional costs to make up your cruise.

Book on-board services in advance

On major cruise ships, specialty restaurants, spa treatments and excursions on land can be reserved well in advance of departure. Pay attention to the opening of reservations for these extras and don’t delay in booking.

Explore alternative excursions

It is not obligatory to reserve the excursions offered by the cruise line. You can organize your own excursions or choose to visit the cities on your own. However, make sure you know the requirements of Visa for that.

A well-organized on-board suitcase

During boarding, your checked baggage will not be delivered to your cabin until later in the day. Keep your essential (medications, chargers, swimsuit) in your hand luggage to fully enjoy your first day on board.

Don’t get lost on the boat

Large boats can be real mazes. Take a photo of the plan of the ship with your smartphone and identify important decks. This will help you find your way more easily and avoid moments of panic searching for your cabin.

Understand what is included and what is not

Cruises are often not “all-inclusive”. Elements like excursions, alcoholic beverages, gratuities, and WiFi access may be extra. Set yourself a budget to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of your trip.

By following these simple but valuable tips, you will be well prepared to fully enjoy your first cruise without any unpleasant surprises. Have a good trip !