Plunging into Adventure: Unveiling Monte-Carlo’s Latest Unmissable Underwater Attraction!

Enter a fascinating and mysterious world by exploring the Abyss, Monte-Carlo’s newest must-see attraction. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience, combining thrills and wonder at the heart of this unique adventure. So, are you ready to dive into the unknown?

Lovers of gastronomy and sensory experiences can rejoice! Yannick AllĂ©no and Yasunari Okazaki offer a new address that promises to conquer many hearts: L’Abysse Monte-Carlo. Located in the elegant HĂ´tel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, this second gem is already shaping up to be an unmissable event in one of the most beautiful hotels on the CĂ´te d’Azur.

A meeting of culinary giants

At the origin of L’Abysse, two emblematic figures: the Chef Yannick Alléno and the Sushi Master Yasunari Okazaki. Their collaboration began in 2018 for a successful first address. Their unique complementarity combines the refined modernity of French cuisine, brought by Alléno, and the traditional art of sushi mastered by Okazaki. Each dish is designed with meticulous respect for the ingredients, from the fish to the maturation rice, revealing an experience much more complex than it seems.

The Mediterranean as a source of inspiration

L’Abysse Monte-Carlo offers cuisine inspired by the four elements: earth, THE fire, L’water and theair. The vegetables from the Monegasque hinterland, the precise cooking and extraction techniques of Yannick AllĂ©no, as well as Okazaki’s skill with sushi form a culinary poem evolving with the seasons. Great wines and rare sakes, carefully selected by sommeliers, complete this taste adventure.

The art of sushi sublimated to the top

The cuisine of L’Abysse Monte-Carlo is distinguished by its fish locally caught and in a sustainable manner, respecting their reproduction cycles and fishing techniques such as ikejime. This know-how ensures the preservation of the flavors and tenderness of the dishes. Sushi Master Okazaki carefully adapts each gesture to enhance the different types of fish.

A calming and inspiring setting

L’Abysse Monte-Carlo is not only a culinary experience, it is also a sensory immersion. Designed by Laurence Bonnel-Alléno and the architect duo RoWin’atelier, the setting invites serenity and wonder. The architectural lines evoke the perpetual movement of the sea and invite you to explore varied textures and materials such as wood, marble, velvet and ceramics. A true sanctuary dedicated to contemporary Japanese haute cuisine.

Do not miss

  • Culinary discovery : Experience an unforgettable taste adventure with the creations of Yannick AllĂ©no and Yasunari Okazaki.
  • Exceptional setting : Enjoy a peaceful and artistic atmosphere, perfect for a complete sensory experience.
  • Local products : Savor sustainably caught fish and vegetables from the Monaco hinterland.
  • Food and wine pairings : Let yourself be seduced by prestigious wines and carefully selected rare sakes.

Ready to dive into the Abyss? Don’t wait any longer and let yourself be transported by this exceptional culinary experience in Monte-Carlo! For more information, visit the official website of L’Abysse Monte-Carlo.