Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Italy’s Sunniest Coastal Towns

Immerse yourself in the heart of a captivating and sunny destination, where Italian charm and maritime sweetness combine. Let yourself be seduced by the unsuspected treasures of a coastal town renowned for its fine sandy beaches. Get ready to experience an authentic and captivating adventure, discovering the well-kept secrets of this Italian pearl.

Symphony of colors on the beaches of Rimini

Rimini, an iconic seaside resort on the Adriatic, is much more than just a fine sand beach of 15 km. Known for its colorful parasols lined up in a visual symphony, this city embodies the very essence of dolce vita. But what would you say about discovering its hidden treasures, far from the summer crowds?

Parco del Mare: The new face of the seafront

The famous beach of Rimini has seen its seafront completely reinvented to meet modern challenges. Now free from cars, the Mare Park offers a superb planted promenade, a cycle path of more than 15 km and various sports facilities. A revolution in the urban landscape that promises an environmentally friendly seaside experience.

Journey through the Roman history of Rimini

Before being a haven of relaxation, Rimini, or rather Ariminum, was a strategic port during antiquity. Stroll in the footsteps of Julius Caesar and marvel at the magnificent Tiberius Bridge, spanning the Marecchia. On the other side of town, thearch of Augustus, erected in 27 BC. BC, proudly marks the entrance to the old town.

In the footsteps of the Malatestas: Renaissance of Rimini

The Renaissance left an indelible mark on Rimini, thanks to the powerful family Malatesta. THE tempio Malatestiano, commissioned by Sigismondo Malatesta, stands like an ancient temple. Inside, discover the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca and Giotto, captivating every visitor with their timeless beauty.

Federico Fellini’s hometown

Rimini is also the birthplace of the famous director Federico Fellini, born in 1920. The Fellini Museum, located in the Castel Sismondo, celebrates the maestro’s work through a captivating scenography. Explore the recreated worlds of his films, while discovering rare photographs and iconic costumes.

Where to stay and eat in Rimini

Rimini offers a variety of accommodation ranging from modern hotels to historic establishments:

  • Mercure Rimini Lungomare – Renovated hotel facing the sea with breathtaking views of the Adriatic. Rooms from 80€.
  • Grand Hotel Rimini – Mythical address since 1909 with rococo decor and a spa to relax in. Rooms from 150€.

For foodies, Rimini offers tasty local cuisine:

  • Nud e Crud – Taste the best piada, typical Romagna pancakes.
  • Osteria Io e Simone – Restaurant with traditional recipes and quality local products.

How to get around easily

Rimini is easy to explore by bike, with rentals available at Bike Park in front of the train station. For a day, count on 20-30€.

Practical information for your visit

To get to Rimini, Bologna Airport is the most convenient, with direct Air France flights from Paris and many trains connecting Bologna to Rimini via Trenitalia.

For more information, consult the tourist office websites:

  • Emilia-Romagna Tourist Office
  • Rimini Tourist Office
  • Italian Tourist Office