Transitions: A Journey from Crime Scenes to Cuddly Creatures – My Shift from Policing to Professional Pet-Sitting

Dive into my incredible transition from tracking down criminals to gently monitoring four-legged companions! Discover how my experience as a seasoned investigator led me to a new mission: providing informed advice to ensure the well-being of pets. Follow me in this exciting change of life, where professional rigor now mixes with affection and kindness towards our faithful furry and feathered friends.

A New Beginning under the Andalusian Sun

I still remember that day when, while sipping my coffee with an incredible view of the Andalusian hills, I had a revelation. The hues of orange, pink, and purple in the dawn sky seemed almost unreal. Just like this new life that my husband and I were just beginning to explore, as house keeper in a small town in Spain.

Conventional Life Didn’t Suit Us

In our twenties, we were restless souls, traveling as much as possible. After a two-year trip that took us to 12 countries and 4 continents, the desire to see the whole world never left us.

Back home, we followed the expected path. My husband, Tom, became an accountant while I joined the police. House, cat, marriage… we ticked all the boxes of traditional happiness, but something was always missing.

Dreams and Reflections during the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, isolation allowed our dreams to resurface. We discussed which countries to visit, which animals to see in their natural habitat, and which conservation efforts we wanted to contribute to.

These dreams seemed to be a silent rebellion against societal expectations. And when the world began to reopen, we knew our time had come.

From the Investigation of Major Crimes to the Digital Adventure

I was stuck because my job couldn’t be done remotely. As’major crimes investigator, I dealt with the most serious offenses like murders and sudden deaths.

Although this work was exciting, I felt like I was leading a double life. Did I want to be a career woman or travel the world? For me, the decision was clear: the pyramids of Giza will not be eternal, but the police will always be.

The Discovery of Housekeeping

We had heard about the house guard thanks to a family we met in China, but it was only later that we understood its potential via online platforms like Trusted Housesitters.

With these websites, everything becomes easier. We can filter by location and type of animal, which allows us to choose missions according to our skills and preferences.

Adopting the Full-Time Lifestyle

As soon as travel restrictions were lifted, we started house sitting near us, accumulating good reviews. This allowed us to make it easier to book future missions.

We realized what to do house guard our lifestyle could be the ideal solution. I quit my job, we rented our house, and we booked six months of consecutive child care to launch our new nomadic life.

The Benefits of a Flexible Lifestyle

Since this decision, we have traveled the world. This lifestyle not only allows us to discover new places, but also to save money by having no rent or bills.

We have taken care of animals of all kinds, from dogs and cats to sheep and ferrets. Each mission is a new adventure.

If you want to know more, my book, The Housesitter’s Guide to the Galaxy, is full of tips and tricks. Maybe it will transform your life too.