Experience the Unique Charm: A Fresh and Vibrant Perspective on Exploring Liège

Welcome to Liège, a city full of surprises and creativity to explore from an unusual and dynamic angle! Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where innovation meets history, where every street reveals unsuspected treasures and where originality can be found on every street corner. Follow us for a unique adventure in the heart of Liège, an experience that promises you unique discoveries and unforgettable moments. Corlibres of the city!

Historical and contemporary, festive and warm, in full change, the Walloon city bordering the Meuse turns out to be surprising. Let yourself be guided to discover a little-known and captivating Liège.

The city, its emblems and its folklore

Liège is not limited to waffles, Liège coffee, or its artisanal dark chocolate. Of course, these specialties are essential and should be enjoyed without moderation, but the city conceals many other treasures.

Starting with the peket, this typically Walloon alcohol made from juniper. It is the flagship drink of the Pays de Liège and even has its own Maison du Peket, a typical place of Mossan Art where the brick vaults and nooks contribute to the atmosphere. Discover the Maison du Peket and don’t forget to greet the bronze statue of Simenon, pipe in hand, just in front.

Meeting with Tchantchès and popular culture

Tchantchès, a legendary puppet, is also an emblem of Liège. Popular in the neighborhoodOutremeuse, he is a messenger of the people and an essential character in local culture.

Guillemins station, a triumphant arrival

The arrival at the Guillemins station is a contemporary architectural festival. Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, its phenomenal vault of steel and glass impresses. Currently decorated with colorful self-adhesive films by artist Daniel Buren, this station continues to dazzle.

In addition, the station houses theDa Vinci exhibition, the artist, the engineer, the gastronome until October 3, 2024.

Walk from Guillemins station to La Boverie

Leaving the station, explore the surrounding modern district and be sure to walk along the Meuse to take the Belle Liégeoise, an elegant footbridge reserved for bicycles and walkers. This walk will take you to the Parc de la Boverie, a haven of peace between the river and the Dérivation.

There you will find the La Boverie museum, housing permanent collections of the Fine Arts of Liège and temporary exhibitions. Nearby, Nicolas Schöffer’s Cybernetic Tower catches the eye with its moving metal frame.

End your walk with Bernar Venet’s monumental sculptures, “Les Arcs”, which dominate the river landscape.

The Man of the Meuse and Street Art in Liège

On the Quai de la Boverie, you will be struck by the fresco of theMan of the Meuse, a work by artist Sozyone Gonzales. Street Art in Liège is a form of artistic expression encouraged by the Paliss’art operation, often ephemeral but always striking.

Some notable works to discover:

  • Tribute to Andy Warhol, rue Basse-Wez
  • Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, rue Henri de Dinant
  • Inside Magritte, rue Valdor
  • Shake Hands, Rue Paradis

Learn more about street art in Liège.

The Trinkhall Museum: breaking away from the conventional

In Avroy Park, the Trinkhall Museum houses an exceptional collection of works of art created by artists with mental disabilities or great psycho-social fragility. These works, of striking poetry and emotion, create a unique and captivating universe. Visit the Trinkhall Museum.

The Outremeuse district, land of traditions

Outremeuse, on the other side of the Meuse, is a popular district, steeped in tradition. The alleys are full of flowers and dotted with potales, small painted wooden altars embedded in the walls where Virgins nest, illuminated and celebrated every August 15.

A museum is dedicated to Tchantches and his wife Nanesse, you will always find a local to tell you their story over a glass of peket.

In the footsteps of Simenon in Outremeuse

Georges Simenon, famous author of the adventures of Maigret, was born near Place Saint-Lambert but it was in Outremeuse that he found much of his inspiration. A walk in his footsteps will take you to places that inspired his stories, such as the story of “The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien” or “The Dancer of Gai-Moulin”.

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The Street Lodge B&B

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How to get there :

Take the Eurostar Paris Nord/Liège in 2 hours 15 minutes. Check the timetables and book.

Unmissable activities:

  • The collegiate circuit
  • The Da Vinci exhibition (until November 3, 2024)
  • Spring Simenon

To find out more, visit the official website.

(Photos: Martine Durand and Liège Tourist Office).