Discovering Dombes: A Nature-Lover’s Guide to a Countryside Retreat Amidst Avian Wonders and Wetlands

In the heart of Dombes, between majestic birds and marshy expanses, offers a getaway in the heart of nature that leaves no one indifferent. Let yourself be carried away by the wild beauty of this unique territory, where each step resonates with a captivating avian symphony. Prepare for total immersion in a fascinating ecosystem, conducive to wonder and discovery. Immerse yourself without further delay in this adventure where birds and marshes reveal their best-kept secrets.

An unforgettable stay in a floating cabin

Just an hour from Lyon, the Domaine de la Dombes invites you to a unique adventure. Imagine spending the night in a floating cabin, lulled by the calm waters of the surrounding ponds. In the morning, you are awakened by the first rays of sunlight slipping through the mist, while curious ducks come to greet through the windows. This idyllic setting perfectly combines nature and comfort.

A myriad of family activities

The Domaine de la Dombes offers a multitude of activities for the whole family. Test itEscape Quest, a sort of escape game in the countryside that stimulates the brain while allowing you to discover the area’s eight animal parks. For the more adventurous, the treetop adventure and the zipline will offer thrills and laughter guaranteed.

Animal feeding and discovery of animal parks

Participate in animal feeding sessions with a qualified animal caretaker. You will have the opportunity to meet bison, wild boar, deer, donkeys, wallabies, and many others. This educational and fun moment will delight young and old, who will be able to learn more about local and exotic fauna.

Hikes around the ponds

La Dombes is a paradise for nature lovers. Its ponds, such as the Etang Neuf, the Etang des Perchères and the Etang des Léchères, offer magnificent landscapes to discover with the family. These walks are accessible to everyone and allow you to observe a rich avifauna, from herons to swans and the region’s famous frogs.

Creative outdoor activities

For a more meditative experience, why not try a nature drawing workshop? Offered by Dombes Tourisme, this drawing class invites participants to capture on paper the beauty of landscapes and birds. Supervised by a local artist, fans of all levels will find what they are looking for.

Visit the charming villages of Dombes

Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne, with its half-timbered houses and flowered bridges, is a must. This medieval village, classified among the “Most Beautiful Detours in France”, enchants with its picturesque atmosphere. Take the opportunity to have lunch in one of the local creperies or restaurants offering regional specialties.

Discovery of the Bird Park

THE Villars-les-Dombes Bird Park is a marvel for wildlife lovers. With more than 3,000 species of birds from around the world, this park offers an exotic adventure. Children will be amazed by the penguins, birds of prey and of course, the adorable kangaroos of the Australian bush.

Attend a bird show

Don’t miss the bird show, where marabou, birds of prey and parrots perform fascinating aerial ballets. This magical event will delight the whole family and leave lasting memories.

Practical advice for your stay

  • Accommodation : For on-site accommodation, choose the Domaine de la Dombes or the “Le Nid du Parc” campsite.
  • Restaurants: In Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne, try the Auberge de Montessuy or the creperie “Galette et Beurre Salé”. At Parc des Oiseaux, several options are available to you: food truck, La Réserve restaurant, and more.
  • Activities nearby: Explore the historic natural region of Bresse in Ain.