Experiencing Serenity and Opulence at the Domaine de Locguénolé: An Unforgettable Getaway

At the heart of the Domaine de Locguénolé, a perfect harmony emerges between serenity and culinary delights. Let yourself be transported to this haven of peace where refined flavors come to enchant your taste buds, for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Situated serenely on the banks of the Blavet, the Domaine de Locguénolé is a real hidden gem near Lorient. Nestled in the heart of a wooded park, this luxury hotel promises you a stay dedicated to relaxation and gastronomy. Welcome to what could well be your next charming stopover in Brittany.

An enchanting setting in the heart of Brittany

The Domaine de Locguénolé extends over several hectares of greenery, offering a true haven of peace to travelers seeking serenity. Made up of a 19th century castle and an 18th century Breton manor, this architectural ensemble is steeped in a rich and fascinating history.

The estate’s extensive gardens are dotted with picturesque paths, perfect for a morning stroll or a dawn jog. The century-old trees and the breathtaking view of the Blavet add a touch of magic to this unique place.

A family heirloom

Locguénolé castle was built in 1800 by Count César de la Tour Maubourg and remained in the same family until 2020. Almost miraculously, it escaped Allied bombing during the Second World War. Bought by the Breton group Beautiful Life Hotels, the estate has since undergone a spectacular renaissance.

A prestigious renewal

The Domaine de Locguénolé reopened its doors at the end of 2023 after three years of renovation. With an investment of 30 million euros, Beautiful Life Hotels transformed this historic site into a luxury hotel, integrating two restaurants, a spa, two swimming pools and a tennis court.

The rooms and suites, distributed in the different buildings on the estate, combine contemporary comfort and historic charm. Three atypical accommodations, including a boat and an old henhouse, complete this exceptional offer.

A tribute to the East India Company

The interior decoration has been carefully thought out by designer Christophe Bachmann. Inspired by the East India Company, each room is an explosion of color and texture, with exotic furniture, Chinese pottery, and ship models. The whole thing evokes the mysteries of cabinets of curiosities, making each stay unique.

Live a well-being experience at the Macha spa

For those looking for a break in well-being, the Macha spa is a promise of relaxation. Nestled in greenery, this space offers personalized treatments using Sothys products, tailor-made massages, and has a swimming pool, hammam, sauna and herbal tea room.

Two restaurants for unique culinary experiences

Yann Maget, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2023, signs the menus for the estate’s two restaurants. The gastronomic restaurant, L’Inattendu, invites you to a true festival of Breton flavors, located in a glass roof which opens onto the park. There you will find “land and sea” dishes, each more inventive than the last.

The second establishment, La Maison Alyette, offers bistronomic cuisine in a warm and friendly setting. Located on the garden level of the castle, it offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

An exceptional gastronomic menu

  • Creative sofas : barbajuan of chard and ricotta, flame mackerel, among other delicacies.
  • Crab tartlet : warm mayonnaise with Kari Gosse, marigold, Thai pomelo and limequat.
  • Signature dish : black pudding combined with cuttlefish, with apple and shiso, squid ink and apple sauce.
  • Unmissable roast pigeon : served with Lorient cabbage, pan-fried gnocchi, pigeon jus with whiskey.
  • Refined desserts : Strawberries, herbs, raw cream and pepper, and to finish, delicate sweets.

The talent of Yann Maget and his team promises an unparalleled culinary journey where each bite is an intense sensory discovery.

Ready for castle life?

At Domaine de Locguénolé, you will not just be a customer, but a pampered guest. Between luxury, gastronomy and calm, this Breton institution cultivates the art of welcoming with elegance. Ready for an unforgettable experience?