Discover Florence as a family: our recommendations for activities for children

Welcome to Florence, an iconic Italian city where art, history and gastronomy intertwine to offer an unforgettable experience. If you are planning to visit this magnificent Tuscan city with your family, you are in the right place! Discover our recommendations for activities specially designed for children, to make your stay in Florence as enriching as it is fun. Prepare to experience magical and memorable moments as you explore the treasures of this city with your little budding explorers!

Why visit Florence with your family?

Florence, the heart of Tuscany, is not only a destination for art and history lovers; it’s also a wonderful city for a family getaway. What makes Florence so unique is its ability to delight young and old alike with its cultural treasures and fun activities.

Children will be fascinated by the splendor of the monuments and the multitude of legends that dot the city. For parents, it’s a perfect opportunity to mix culture and pleasure by discovering Renaissance works or simply strolling through the charming Florentine streets.

Three days to discover Florence with the family

A three-day stay in Florence is ideal for exploring its wonders without rushing. Whether visiting iconic museums, relaxing in majestic gardens or savoring delicious Tuscan cuisine, three days will give you time to appreciate it all.

Essential activities with children

Florence offers a varied range of activities suitable for families. Here is a selection that will please everyone:

Walk on the Ponte Vecchio

Start your day by discovering the famous Ponte Vecchio. This historic bridge, dotted with goldsmiths’ and jewelers’ shops, offers splendid views of the Arno. Children will enjoy the walk and the multiple viewpoints of Florence.

Ascent of the Duomo

Don’t miss going up to the top of Brunelleschi’s magnificent dome. With its 463 steps, this climb is an adventure in itself and the panoramic view from the top is incredible. The colorful marbles and sublime frescoes of the Duomo will captivate the whole family.

Uffizi Gallery

For an artistic immersion, the Uffizi Gallery is a must. The interactive course for children, UffiziKids, makes the visit particularly pleasant and educational for the youngest. Let your children explore the works of the Renaissance masters at their leisure.

Boboli Garden

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the magnificent Boboli garden. This green setting, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the ideal place to play hide and seek among the sculptures, fountains and shaded paths.

Science Museum

THE science Museum is perfect for curious young minds. Stroll through its galleries and discover fascinating scientific instruments, from the Renaissance to the 20th century. A fun and educational visit for the whole family.

Tastings and culinary discoveries

Florence is also a culinary paradise. Don’t miss out on tasting local specialties in small, welcoming trattorie.

  • Sandwiches at All’Antico Vinaio – A must for a quick and delicious lunch, especially the famous “lampredotto”.
  • Ice cream at Venchi – Treat yourself to a gourmet break with the famous Italian ice creams.
  • Ice making workshop – A fun and delicious moment for young and old where you will learn how to make your own gelato.

Practical advice and budget

For a stress-free stay, plan ahead and book your tickets to top attractions like the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery. Prepare for a budget of around €270/day for a family of four, including accommodation, meals and entry to tourist sites.

Florence promises an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Between artistic wonders, cultural discoveries and moments of relaxation, everyone will find something to marvel at in this exceptional city.