Discover the 20 must-see places that make the city of Marseille shine

Welcome to Marseille, a Mediterranean city with a thousand facets! This iconic city is full of treasures to discover, whether you are a passionate local or a curious visitor. Among its many jewels, 20 unmissable places shine brightly and shape the unique identity of this pearl of the south of France. Follow the guide for an immersion in the heart of Marseille, between tradition and modernity, history and dynamism, under the gentle Mediterranean sun.

La Relève: Between Modernity and Heritage

Perched above the bar-restaurant of the same name, Succession offers four unique guest rooms. Decorated by Annick Lestrohan and Ingrid Giribone, each one bears the name of its dominant color: Yellow, Green, Pink and Blue. From €150 per night.

Samena Jogging: A Hidden Eden

Located in the creeks, Samena jogging transforms an abandoned house into a true haven of peace. From €250 per night, enjoy a minimalist stay with southern Italian accents.

Intercontinental Marseille – Hôtel Dieu: Lux Exquise

A true icon of the Phocaean city, theIntercontinental Marseille offers a breathtaking view of the Old Port from an 18th century buildinge. From €250 per night, find 5-star standards.

Renata Workshop: Culinary Communion

Renata Workshop invites you to a communion meal in a bohemian dining room. For €60, enjoy generous dishes in a large house atmosphere.

Premises: The Haute Voltige of Flavors

Opened by Léo Marzullo and Benoît Cadot, First fruits offers impeccable neo-bistro cuisine. Lunch menu at €32, dinner at €49.

Snorkel: Total Immersion

HAS Tuba, located in Les Goudes, enjoy rooms giving the impression of a cruise. Tables and deckchairs attached to the rocks for plates to share. A la carte: €50-70.

Poissonnerie Kennedy: The Hidden Patio

There Kennedy Fish Market hides an adorable patio where you can enjoy seafood. Ideal for a meal on the rocks. A la carte: €30-50.

In Moro: An Italian Bistrot-Marquers

On Venture Street, In Moro offers dishes without a false note. Menu from €35-40 and a generous wine list.

Le Rhul: ​​Institution of Bouillabaisse

At Rhul, enjoy a bouillabaisse in a classic setting with a view of the Mediterranean. A la carte: €50-70.

The Muse: Successful Renovation

Resume in 2022, The muse offers a warm atmosphere with a huge terrace. A la carte: €15-20.

Figure: The New Vauban

Figure changes the face of Vauban with its small plates and a daring wine list. A la carte: from €7 to €24.

Gaspard: Sharp Cocktails

Gaspard offers a blind cocktail menu in a subdued atmosphere. Cocktails from €12.

La Caravelle: Breathtaking View

Known for its balcony overlooking the Old Port, The Caravelle offers a unique selection of whiskeys. Glass from €5.

Café de l’Abbaye: The Locals’ Enclave

THE Abbey Café attracts a local and young fauna, ideal for a glass of pastis at sunset. Glass from €5.

Les Goudes: Far from the Crowd

Les Goudes retain all their charm, notably Chez Paul for a bouillabaisse. Ideal for a rhythmic walk in the creeks.

La Traverse: Secret Art Gallery

The crossing hides a splendid gallery of contemporary art and design. A feat from Catherine Bastide, with a small guest room.

SessĂąn Alma: Art and Fashion

Sessun Alma brings together fashion and crafts in a 170 m space2 designed by Marion Gaillet and Sylvain BĂ©rard.

Friche La Belle de Mai: Artistic Creation

Wasteland La Belle de Mai is a vast space dedicated to contemporary art, outdoor cinema, and more. To be revisited constantly.

Southway Studio: La Microvilla Medici

Southway Studio is a unique place where works of art and diverse inspirations mingle. A “wild Medici microvilla” to explore for hours.

Maison Empereur: Tradition and Timelessness

THE Emperor House, the oldest hardware store in France, continues to prosper under the same family. A space where timeless and unusual objects come together.