Ouigo: trains are getting a makeover for more comfort and discretion

A Wind of Change Blows on Ouigo Trains

Imagine a world where traveling by train means comfort and elegance, without the visual onslaught of the usual garish colors. 🚄✨ Well, get ready, because Ouigo trains are about to undergo a radical transformation! With an investment of several hundred million euros, SNCF promises to transform the passenger experience from the start of 2025.

Increased Comfort on Board: No more Rigid Seats!

Goodbye to the iron-hard seats that left you with a strange feeling even several hours after getting off the train. According to reliable sources such as The Parisian, the new seats will not only be more ergonomic but also significantly more comfortable. 🛋️💤 And that’s not all: the number of seats will increase from 644 to 653, thus maximizing the available space without sacrificing spaciousness.

Technical Novelties for More Convenience

These days, looking for an outlet to charge your phone while traveling can feel like a quest for the Holy Grail. However, this will change! Each seat will be equipped with a power outlet, ending the desperate scramble to keep your devices charged. 🔌📱 In addition, a relaxation area without a bar but with several services will add a little luxury to your trip.

A Less Flashy Look for More Discretion

No more bright blue and pink wagons! Make way for elegant sobriety. The new colors will be more subdued, perhaps inspired by Spanish models where the trains mainly feature white with just a few touches of color. This approach aims not only to modernize the trains, but also to offer a more soothing visual experience for travelers. 🎨🚅

Heading into the Future: More Trains and Passengers!

The transformation doesn’t stop there. With the renovation of the current TGV Inoui, the number of Ouigo trains in circulation will increase from 38 to 50. The subsidiary, which has already transported more than 110 million passengers since its launch, hopes to reach the impressive figure of 50 million travelers per year. by 2030. 📈🌍

All of this aligns perfectly with the growing desire for economical yet comfortable travel options, especially in today’s environment. Stay tuned this summer to discover all the details of the new Ouigo trains which promise to revolutionize rail travel in France! 🌟🛤️