Discover the amazing tradition of sprinkling water on a July day in a country bordering Europe

Welcome to the surprising world of summer traditions in a country neighboring Europe. Discover a unique and refreshing practice: the art of sprinkling water on a July day. Immerse yourself in this colorful universe where water and conviviality mingle to celebrate summer in an unexpected way. Follow the guide to fully enjoy this unique and enriching experience.

Welcome to Armenia: a country with unique traditions

Enter here Türkiye and the Georgia, nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region, lies a fascinating country, Armenia. Known for its rich cultural heritage and enchanting landscapes, this country has a refreshing surprise in store for its visitors in July: the “Vartavar” festival. A unique occasion where locals and visitors find themselves doused in water from head to toe!

The thousand-year-old legend behind Vartavar

Vartavar, which takes place 98 days after Easter, has its roots in Armenian mythology. According to legend, the goddess Astghik, deity of water, love and fertility, spread love using water, and roses appeared from her blood. In gratitude, the Armenians offered him roses, thus giving his name to this holiday ( vart meaning “pink”).

A giant water fight

On Vartavar day, the rule is simple: water everyone! In the streets, on the sidewalks, from balconies, all means are good to engage in this giant water fight. Water guns, buckets and other containers become formidable weapons in this joyous battle. Children, in particular, love this activity which allows them to cool off in the summer heat.

Local festivities and traditions

The Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA) organizes an annual “Vartavar International Festival” at iconic locations like the Vartavar Monastery. Geghard and the pagan temple of Garnished, 30 km east of the capital, Yerevan. On the program: music, traditional dances and tasting of local specialties such as gata.

Meaning and symbolism of water

In Armenia, water carries strong symbols. This liquid, which plays a crucial role in daily life, is associated with healing and happiness. Before each trip, Armenians throw a little water on the ground for good luck and to ensure a safe return.

Tips for enjoying Vartavar

If you are lucky enough to attend this party, here are some tips to prepare:

  • Don’t wear your best clothes! Opt for a casual outfit that is not afraid of water.
  • Participate in the game! Don’t insult the sprinklers; on the contrary, water them in turn for a good-natured atmosphere.
  • Bring waterproof bags to protect your valuables.

During your getaway to Armenia, let yourself be surprised and carried away by this lively and sparkling tradition which celebrates both culture and community ties. An unforgettable experience that will leave you with refreshing memories for a long time!